So many questions about balls…


It is unendingly interesting to see what brings people to my site. Most of you come back here pretty regularly and that, right there, is the best. (I love you all more than cheese!)


Also awesome is when someone finds me through a link on another blog or through word of mouth. It is a true delight to “meet” new people.


But, every day, some of my traffic comes straight from search engines. That’s cool, too, in its own way. Occasionally, though, I read through the search terms and think, “Man, did that person actually find their answer here?”


And, so, in honor of some of the wacky things that land people here, today I’m doing a write-up that is basically:


JessieLeigh Answers the Search Box


1. “How big are the balls in the busy ball popper?”


I don’t really know. Maybe 2″ across? Big enough to not be choking hazards, but small enough to fit under any and all furniture, thus making retrieval a real nightmare.


2. “What goes with cheese bread?”


Everything. The end.


3. “How is hyperlexia diagnosed?”


Typically by a neuro-psychologist. There are other professionals who may be knowledgable about it, but the diagnosis will usually come from the neuro-psych.


4. “Can you freeze vodka?”


Well, you can put in the freezer. And that’s a great spot for it, in my opinion. But it won’t freeze. I mean, it will freeze at a cold enough temp, but your home freezer isn’t going to do it.


5. “Should you stomp repeatedly on a spider?”


Yes, yes you should. If it’s inside. If it’s outdoors? I’m a “live and let live” kind of girl, mostly.


6. “Baby is blue call hospital?”


YES. Oh, good heavens, PLEASE tell me you called 911 before you came over to my little site looking for life-saving advice. (Sometimes the search terms cause me great anxiety.)


7. “Can I give a baby an open cup?”


Sure thing! But I recommend you start with water. It takes a little while to learn cause and effect.


8. “I really need more balls. Where can I get them?”


Okay, you made me laugh. More than I should admit. But I know you mean Playskool Ball Popper balls. So just go here while I attempt to control my giggles.


9. “Are porch swings relaxing?”


Um, yeah. How do you even have to ask that? And why are you asking Google? You need to come over and sit on my swing for awhile. We’ll have lemonade and chat. 


10. “Can I just shove my own balls in the ball popper?”


Seriously, people. You’re killing me. Oh, and to answer the question– I really don’t recommend it.

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