She Rides


We tried ballet. Though she was adorable, it was a bit of a disaster. Not only was the coordination and keeping up difficult for her, but the girls from that class (and their moms) were catty as all get-out.


We tried karate. Though she made a concerted effort and did advance to her apprentice orange belt, the motor planning involved was simply too much. She couldn’t stay in rhythm and follow the forms and, ultimately, she was so very frustrated that it was no longer fun.


And, then, we stumbled upon it.



Nestled in the rolling hills of Connecticut, in a tiny peaceful town, is the place we head every Thursday evening, weather permitting.


We usually arrive a few minutes early and visit our feathered friends.



We breathe in the air and relax by the stone wall.



Just as she patiently watches her brother play ball and her sister do gymnastics, so they wait for her.


One dances in the sun.



The other makes me laugh.



And she rides.



Confident and strong… she rides.


And, as I hear the whisper echoing in my mind   {{she’ll likely never walk/talk/hear/see/breathe/eat/live}} , I pause, gazing to the sky, and saying


She rides.

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5 comments to She Rides

  • This brought tears to my eyes. My little preemie also has apraxia and we tried dance and though she loved it we cancelled because it was difficult for her to do the directions. She just wanted it to end so she could do the free dance and spin around. Then we put her on a horse, and it was like she found where she belonged.

  • THIS is what my A would love to do!!!

  • Susan

    such a beautiful story. Karate was the “it” sport for our little preemie. 9 years later (1500 hours of work), he’s testing for his black belt. We love that karate makes him strong and confident. This summer, he’s working as an Assistant Instructor at karate camp.

  • mlearley

    Beautiful! God is absolutely amazing how He can take a preemie that no one thinks will survive let alone walk, talk, run and model her into a beauiful young lady like you have! What an inspiration to those who come into contact with her and your family.

  • Lori

    I am always so inspired by your micropreemie. My daughter was born at 30 weeks, and we will celebrate her first birthday next week. Everyday I watch her come a little further with her development. A couple months ago she was just trying to crawl, and now she is walking along the furniture. It is truly amazing what these little preemies go thru, and I love seeing that yours is a normal girl riding horses.

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