Reclaiming My (Happy) Mornings


I am a morning person.


I rise, typically easily and happily, by 6 am. I try to get at least a couple miles of walking in before I pour my first cup of coffee. I sing brightly while getting a hot breakfast on the table for my three children and Daddy’s granola bar and coffee (his choice– he IS a grown man, remember) ready to go.


Once that’s all set, I take care of any number of other pressing tasks– I blog, I check social media, I start or move laundry, I unload the dishwasher… whatever needs to happen, I do it. With gusto.


Morning? Is MY time of day.


Why, then, have my mornings been so miserable lately? Why do I feel like, instead of totally having my act together, as I well should, by the sounds of it, my patience is slipping and I’m snapping “hurry, hurry” at children who lack my sense of urgency?


Something needs to change.


I don’t like losing my cool. I don’t like feeling rushed. I certainly don’t like sending my children off to school with memories of their mama’s crankiness and impatience. But, lately, that seems to be what’s happening far too often.


Yesterday, I sat down with old-school paper and pen and took an honest look at what’s going on. Here are some changes I’m implementing, starting today:



1. No social media before exercise and breakfast.


I’m typically pretty good about this, but I have been known to pop online if I’m dressed to walk a few minutes early. That stops now. The problem is that I inevitably read something I then feel I need to address– even though I don’t do it right then, it takes up mental space. It can wait.


2. The exercise stays.


I’d give up a whole lot before I’d stop getting fresh air and movement first thing in the morning!


3. No blogging before school.


Because I have so much energy in the mornings, I tend to rely on them as my “fall-back” for getting things done. I’m not one to burn the midnight oil, but I’m definitely the girl who thinks she can fold laundry, cook breakfast, pack backpacks, tie shoes, and write a blog post simultaneously in the mornings. Honestly? I often can. But it’s not a good plan.


4. Time limits on game time.


While I’m out pounding the neighborhood pavement, my husband is often cranking out a workout on the elliptical. Our son frequently goes downstairs with him and they play some Wii game together. It’s all very sweet and something they both enjoy, so I’m onboard with that. However, too often I forget that A’s schedule doesn’t exactly follow Daddy’s and I call him up to breakfast a bit too late– that sets us up for failure and it needs to stop.


5. Getting ready for the bus starts ten minutes earlier.


I always think I’m allowing PLENTY of time. Really, I still think I am. Fifteen minutes sure sounds like enough time to get sneakers, jackets, backpacks, etc. and head out the door, doesn’t it? Well, sometimes it is. But often? It’s not. And then I get crazy-cranky and the kids start acting frantic and then I feel horribly guilty and, well, let’s just say it’s not a great start. So, we’ll start even earlier. And if we’re done way ahead of time? So be it. I can live with that.



So that’s the plan, at least. We’ll see how it goes.


I’m a morning person, there’s no doubt. Let’s see if I can get back to being a super happy morning person.


What about you? At what time of day do you peak? (I truly peak between 6 and 9 am.)

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