Father’s Day Handprint Craft


Ever since my first two babies were a mere six- and seventeen months old, respectively, I’ve done this little craft. Without a doubt, it is what my husband most looks forward to every Father’s Day. When G. joined our family? She was only a few days old when I captured her little handprint.


What you need:


This is so easy-peasy, really. All you need is a sheet of paper, a paint brush, and some finger paints.


–Starting with the largest child, paint chosen color over palm and fingers. Press hand straight down on paper and pull straight up. (Tip: keep a washcloth or baby wipes handy, so you can get the bulk of the paint off straight-away.)


–Work your way down through the kiddos. You want to go from largest to smallest because it’s easier to sneak the littler hands in the remaining white spaces.


–Once the paint is dry, I use a fine-tipped black marker to print the children’s names on the handprints.


–How large a paper you use will depend on 1) how many children you have and 2) how large their hands are. Originally, I was able to frame the two little hand prints in a 5″ x 7″ frame but we definitely need an 8″ x 10″ at this point.


My husband keeps the old papers and just puts the newest on the top in the frame. It is SO fun to look back on how much they’ve grown! I use the same color for each child every year which makes it even easier to compare.


He keeps this on his desk at work and it is always a huge conversation piece.



Make it!


It is easy enough to type up that little phrase in whatever font and style you would like– go to it! If you really want to get this done fast and don’t feel like messing around too much, I’m attaching a document right here that you can print up and be all set to start handprinting!


Click below to print and get started right away:






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4 comments to Father’s Day Handprint Craft

  • mlearley

    Last year for Father’s Day I made my husband a family handprint artwork. I tricked him into tracing his hand onto a white piece of paper and then when he was gone one evening I traced it onto cardstock. I then traced mine and my two girls onto different colors. Then I glued them stacking mine ontop of his and so forth. It’s so cool seeing out tiny our baby’s hand was at just 6 months last year! I’m thinking of repeating this year or maybe using your idea!

    • What a fun idea– I love it! :) Our “stack” would look pretty funny, I think. I’m pretty sure my hands are at least as long as my husband’s… my thumbs are, for sure, longer! (But I have some freaky long skinny hands going on… I’m sure it looks better with more typical hand sizes involved. ;) )

      • mlearley

        Based on pictures, you look to be on the tall side so it would make sense that you have long fingers. You could always do a thumbprint family tree artwork…I think those look pretty cool!

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