A Peek into the Joy of Being A’s Mama



You know those moms who can’t bear to let go of a single piece of art or holiday project created by their little ones?


Yeah, I’m not one of those.


Honestly, it’s far more likely that a child will come to me and query, “Mom, what happened to that drawing of a snowman I did three weeks ago in art?” and I’ll have to stammer around, knowing full-well I tossed it. It’s the truth.


That might sound harsh, but it’s really okay– I promise. My children are not scarred in any way and I can say with confidence that I have never felt sad over some kindergarten project of mine that my parents didn’t hold onto. It’s all good.


Nonetheless, there are a few things that A. has created over the last couple of months that I just don’t want to forget. Knowing myself and my propensity for tossing things in the circular file, I want to get them captured. So, you could say, this post is really more for me than anyone else. Nonetheless, I really hope it gives you a smile or giggle along the way…


First up? A poem about the color green. I love all the descriptions. “Shelly turtles” might be my favorite.


And, really, it wouldn’t have been St. Patrick’s Day without some leprechauns:

“Can you believe I was the only one who made an African American leprechaun, Mom? It’s like no one else has ever even heard the term Black Irish…”  (<– love that)


The hundredth day of school came and went. Little did I know that A’s class was busy at work making “100 Day Books.” I shared this page on Facebook before, but, in case you missed it:

I seriously can’t stop laughing. I did ask him and he said he wrote that because, if there were 100 presidents, they’d be arguing all the time and never get anything done. Fair enough.

Before I could blink, Mothers’ Day was here. In case you didn’t get the memo, I mean, I don’t want to brag, but you should know I was People Weekly’s Mother of the Year. I’ve heard rumors of others claiming to have received that honor, but, look– I have proof:

I don’t ever want to forget what A. wrote in that article:

“For a fact, my mom is the number one mom in the universe!

My mom’s eyes are as green as a Granny Smith apple. I like it when my mom wears her dazzling sparkly green shirt, because that means my mom is going on a date with Dad. My mom’s hair is the color of a meerkat and it’s straight. I like it because it shimmers in the sun. I like my mom’s exquisite penguin earrings, because it makes me think of Antarctica.

On school days, my mom helps me with my Olympiad math. She doesn’t have to, but she always helps me! First, we read the problem together. Then, my mom and I find the things we know. After that, we use the things we know to solve the problem. Then… voila! We get the answer! We do the same thing over again! 

My family occasionally goes hiking together. We attempt many difficult challenges. We go up tall mountains, down steep hills, through thorny paths, and even past ant hills! Mom keeps us safe by yelling “Run!” when the ants come out. We always succeed! Rain or shine, we go hiking! Whether it’s cold or hot, we don’t give up. In order to have enough energy, Mom makes sure we pack nutritious foods.

I love my mom more than if the whole world was made of video games, and my mom loves me more than singing in a concert!”

I do, indeed. I’m crazy about that boy.


Best. Bookmark. Ever.

The end.

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