The Gift of Being Perplexed

I don’t often write about products we love and use on this here site. It’s definitely not my focus. And I want to be really clear and upfront in telling you that I gain NOTHING from gushing about this particular item, except knowing that I am absolutely not leading you all astray.


Let me back up just a tad here–


This past Christmas, A. received the Perplexus Rookie from my parents (Bama & Papa):

He loved it from the start and spent much of Christmas Eve night working on solving it. Since he tends to rise earlier than his sisters, we suggested he keep it in his room to play with Christmas morning when he woke up. He did, happily.


When we drove to visit friends? Perplexus Rookie came along. When we went to Yale Cardiology for the first time? Perplexus Rookie was there.


He solved it within a couple weeks, but still adored it. Since his birthday falls in late January, I mentioned to my mom that the Perplexus Original might be a good gift option. And they got that one for him–

This version has three paths and is a bit more challenging. He has solved it once. He still loves playing with it.


At his friend birthday party, A. received a Visa gift card from a buddy. Right away, he knew he wanted to buy the Epic.

He hasn’t solved that one, yet. (But he’s gotten a lot farther than I have with it!!) I’m quite certain he’ll keep it at until he conquers it!


Here’s what I want you to know about this toy/puzzle: everyone is fascinated by it. Men and boys, especially, can’t leave this thing alone.


A. took his first Perplexus to “show and share” at school and I cannot even tell you how many of his classmates’ moms have told me their sons came home begging for one.


The cardiologist at Yale? Was late for his next appointment because he couldn’t put that thing down. He thought it was the coolest thing he’d seen.


My nephews? Have each asked for and received one of the Perplexus models for their birthdays in the last couple of months.


This toy requires no batteries, makes no sound, and is relatively portable (for a car-ride or waiting room or whatever.) It requires relative quiet and stillness to be successful, so that’s yet another perk. There are numbers along the track(s) so the player can easily track his or her progress, even when victory has yet to be achieved.


I could very easily imagine this puzzle being a huge hit on someone’s desk or in a waiting room of some kind.


A few tips/suggestions if you’re considering buying a Perplexus:


–> Do not be fooled into believing “Rookie” = “easy.” It’s not easy. It’s just smaller. The “Rookie” is a good model for most children to start– definitely any child under, say, age ten. Honestly, it was the “Rookie” model that fascinated the cardiologist, so I promise you this isn’t some toddler toy.


–> They come with stands (as you can see in the pic of the Classic) which enables the player to temporarily set the puzzle down if he or she needs to take a little break. This is important to note– otherwise, the player might ask you to hold the thing for them. (Ask me how I know…)


–> The only thing that might annoy older players with the Perplexus is that the numbers on the tracks are very small. Children tend to have no difficulty reading them, but older adults might need reading glasses while playing.


[[You can view all of the Perplexus models (including The Twist, which we do not own at this point) by clicking here. I am NOT an Amazon affiliate and there are absolutely ZERO affiliate links in this post. I just think this toy is awesome. :) ]]

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6 comments to The Gift of Being Perplexed

  • My brother got one of those for Christmas and we ALL spent ages playing with that thing. They really are great little toys, but take quite a bit of concentration. :)

  • Mary B.

    I’ve played with my nephew’s Perplexus Original and only ever beaten the first level! It is amazing how addictive it is! Since our oldest is only turning 5 this month, I will probably wait to get one…though hubby and I would probably spend our evenings trying to best each other if I got it now! (Yes, we are a little competitive. :P) I didn’t know there were so many different ones, though, so I’m glad you posted about it. I’m off to look at Amazon! :)

  • Courtney

    That looks so neat!!!! Wonder if it would be too hard for my 6 year old?? He loves things like that.

    • If he enjoys that sort of puzzle-y thing, Courtney, I think he’d probably do fine with the Rookie! Even if it takes him a little while to solve it, he’ll still have a blast making progress along the track. :)

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