Menu Plan: Spring Break!


It’s Spring Break– wahoo!


I know, I know– many of you had your Spring Breaks, like, a month ago already. Around here, though, we don’t get out for the year until mid-late June, so I’m grateful our break falls a bit later. Added to that, Connecticut weather in March is rather unpredictable and I have no desire to have snow during Spring Break!


It should be a fairly fun, relaxing week, with a few fun things tossed in here and there. Here’s what we’ll be eating!



Breakfast (for the littles before 7:30am Mass)–Cheerios, Apples

BrunchFrench Toast, Sausage, Oranges

Snack–String cheese and popcorn

D–not sure… probably something Mexican!



B–Brown Sugar & Raisin Oatmeal, Coconut Milk

D–SpaghettiOs with Franks, Broccoli



B–English Muffins with Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese (<– the kids love that stuff), Blackberries

D–Beef & Spanish Rice Enchiladas, Corn


B–English Muffins w/ PB, Oranges


D–Asian Chicken and Noodle Salad



B–Cranberry Dark Chocolate Oatmeal, Clementines, Milk

D–Shells & Cheese w/ broccoli



B–Acai Vanilla Smoothie, Toast

D–Meatball, Pepper, & Onion Pizza 



B–Eggs, Cheese, Berries

D–Burgers, Pasta Salad, Raw Veggies



And that’ll do it!


What are you most looking forward to eating this week? And when was YOUR Spring Break, if you had one?


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4 comments to Menu Plan: Spring Break!

  • mlearley

    Can you share your recipe for the Beef & Spanish Rice Enchiladas? Sounds yummy!

    • I should have taken a picture!! Yes, I can definitely share the recipe sometime, Michelle! :) (In all honestly, I might be mislabeling them, since I use flour instead of corn tortillas, though– just FYI.)

  • Sonja

    No spring break here, but my kids get out of school on May 17th. Their school takes very few breaks during the year to make summer longer & less time to get back in the groove after time off throughout the year.

    • Ohhh… what a nice summer break you must all have! :) We don’t get out until June 21st this year, which isn’t atypical around here. I graduated high school from this district and we went ALL the way through June that year– and then I started college the first week of August. That was one short break that year! ;)

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