“I need to date you.”

G. says I can borrow these for my next date.
Don’t be hatin’–you know you’re jealous. ;)



“I need to date you,” I wrote in the email. “We NEED this.” I wrote it the same way I might write “I need you to pick up milk”– brief, matter-of-fact, simple, and true.


“Can’t wait,” came his reply. “You’re right. We do.”


The week was wild. In truth, it had only been eight days since we went OUT on a “real” date, with my mom babysitting and a bottle of wine and all that good stuff. And it was wonderful. But, oh, the week in between took its toll…


Activities have started up in earnest, with Single A baseball bringing with it near-three hour practices every weekend. I’m running ragged to get between various sports, extracurriculars, church school, ministries, and all the other essentials just to keep this place going.


His work has picked up a bit, with trying to fit eleventh-hour meetings in before the end of the school year and planning a move in to a new office building come Memorial Day. On top of that, we decided to gut and renovate both of our full baths and that’s eaten up a huge chunk of otherwise free time.


We’re exhausted. That’s what it comes down to, really. We’re just, legitimately, tired.


But I feel like we hardly see each other. He’s working on the bath. I’m running to practice. I’m teaching CCD. He’s rushing off to an early meeting. Even our emailed correspondence comes in fits and spurts as we dash through our days. We try to reconnect in the evenings, but there are chores to be done and, honestly, one of us usually falls asleep on the couch from sheer weariness.


This is life.


But I need our connection as much as I need food some days. I need to talk to him about everything and nothing at all. I need to know that we’ve both agreed that our hours together are more important than any household task or home improvement for that moment in time.


It doesn’t matter that we chattered over $3 subs and some icy lemonade laced with a whisper of vodka. It doesn’t matter that, later on in the night, we both still fell asleep watching Colbert. What matters is that we spent the entire evening focused only on one another.


“I need to date you.”


Honestly, if he forgets the milk, we’ll just drink water.


But if we forget each other? The whole family will suffer.



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2 comments to “I need to date you.”

  • Mary B.

    Oh, how I understand! Our kids are all younger, ages 5, 3.5, 2, and baby due in 3 weeks, so we don’t have the activities like you do. However, I am finding myself just trying to make it through the day because I know that we are going out for a date tonight that is MUCH needed! For us, the kids pretty much sap our energy. :)

  • YOU are the one I turn to when I’m feeling distant from my husband. That sounds wrong, but it’s not. You’re a good example of MAKING that time. If you can do it, I can do it. Watering my grass. :)

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