How do I love thee? Underpants.

Way back in January, I sent my husband and my girls off to Walmart and set about getting some things done. After taking his quick phone call, I posted this to Facebook:

Husband just called from Walmart with our girlies. “What size underpants does C. wear? And does it matter if they’re bikini, briefs, or hipsters?”

My answers: 6, yes it matters, and– quite frankly– I was sort of surprised there were such options at that size! (I am, apparently, a big prude.)


Really, I was trying to get others’ feelings and reactions to the vast array of styles of undies they’re now marketing to young girls. Frankly, it blows my mind that “string bikini” is even an option in a little girl’s size six. I’m pretty sure I still had briefs with ruffles on the back at that point in my life! (I might be exaggerating. But I know I didn’t have bikinis.)


Anyway, it seemed like some people agreed with me and that was all well and good. Always nice to know you’re not alone in thinking something is crazy, right?


You all honed in on something completely apart from the bikini/hipster/boy-short issue, however.


“Props to Dad for navigating the underwear aisle with your girls & sending the message to them that it’s ok for Dad to do that without any embarrassment!!” wrote Kelly.


And you all “liked” the tar out of her statement.


Celine added, “Love that your Husband took them shopping.”


And you all agreed.



Honestly? It hadn’t even occurred to me that this was something of note. When they headed out the door and I said, “Oh, yeah, C. mentioned that she wanted to get some new undies,” he just nodded and said, “Okie dokie.”


This is just how it is around here, I guess.


But you’re all very right. It may not be a “huge deal,” but it’s an important message that he’s conveying to our girls. He’s never balked at the idea of assisting them with “girl” things because, as he puts it, he’s their dad– the fact that they’re girls doesn’t change his responsibility in helping them.


My girls aren’t embarrassed to ask for Daddy’s help with such things because he’s never let them feel shame or discomfort for needing or wanting his assistance. If it’s something he truly just doesn’t know the answer to, he brings me into the discussion. What he doesn’t do is pass them off with a “go ask your mom” any time something comes up.


Shopping for underpants? Just not a big deal. And I’m so glad he helps them to see that.

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8 comments to How do I love thee? Underpants.

  • mlearley

    Topic 1: The stuff they market to our little girls is just crazy!! When I first shopped for underpants for Alex, I did notice in the little girls they had multiple styles and could not believe it. I think when I was six I was still wearing day of the week or Care Bear underpants. Now they have binki cut! Seriously! Also, I have to buy my girls burmuda style shorts b/c “normal” shorts are way to short in my opinion. Why do we want our little girls to wear these types of clothes? It’s just ingraining in them early that they body is what gets them attention.

    Topic 2: I do love that your husband is not embarrassed to help them with girlie stuff. My husband is pretty good with this stuff too and like yours, he’ll call me from the aisle in the store to make sure he gets the correct thing. However, he is starting to get a little uncomfortable washing our oldest private area…he thinks she’s old enough to do that now or calls me in during bath time to do that.

  • Susan

    I am astonished that your husband would help out buying them any clothes, much less underwear. That is the real story here. What a great husband and Dad! I don’t have girls, so I can’t comment on the bikini thing. Boys are so easy. My son wears T shirts and sports shorts or sweats 24/7 (they even wear them to bed.)

    FYI, our pediatrician told us that by age 5, kids should be able to shower and completely wash themselves. Of course, I still need to remind my 12 year old to use soap/shampoo in the shower.

    • There are many things about boys’ clothes that are much simpler, in my opinion! :) (That’s pretty much when our kids always seem to shift over to showers/self-washing. Our 3yo has actually taken showers for over a year now, but we do help her.)

  • joanna wg

    I guess that my parents were really progressive fourty (yikes- I’m not that old!) years ago when I was that size and age.

    My father would take me and my two older brothers shopping and let mom have those hours to herself on the weekend. Didn’t matter if we were clothes shopping or any other kind of shopping. Dad never flinched about shopping.

    My father and mother were just cool like that.

  • Jamie

    I have never ever seen string bikini cut underwear in that size. In my experience that is just what they call one of the styles that might be more comfortable for different girls to wear based on their size or preference. But, I could be wrong! I’ve just never seen any like that while looking for my daughters underwear! (I have seen the different styles, but the “bikini” has never been anything other than maybe doesnt go up as high as briefs) But I definitely agree that there are quite inappropriate clothing out there for young girls!

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