How do I love thee? “It looks great.”


I am not a natural housekeeper.




I don’t actually mind cleaning too terribly much, once I get started, but it’s the motivation to START that I frankly lack. And, to be honest, I don’t exactly enjoy the process either. I’m not making excuses– plenty of people don’t like to clean and do it with clockwork regularity anyway. Me? Notsomuch.


I’m not particularly lazy, really. There are just other (good) things that I’d much rather say “yes” to. Like cooking. Baking. Exercising. Laundry. Playing with my kids. Gardening. Mending. Writing letters. Writing blog posts. The list goes on and on…


Anyway, so, yeah, I’m not a spectacular housekeeper. While my house would never appear on Hoarders or anything, you’ll also rarely find completely cleared counters and end tables. While, at first glance my floors might not look horrible, closer inspection will almost always reveal crumbs and dust bunnies lingering. My windows? Have fingerprints more often than not. My bathroom sinks? Most likely have toothpaste smudges someplace.




I’m not proud of this, of course. But I’m also apparently not motivated enough to do anything super significant to change it.


Occasionally, I fret about it. My mother and sister ARE spectacular housekeepers. (Though, if you asked my mom, she’d probably deny it, because her own mom was sort of an over-the-top housekeeper.) My house is never as neat and clean as theirs. I beat myself up about this sometimes.


But my husband? Oh, he can overlook anything. A cluttered table? Bothers him not. Dusty floorboards? Who cares? Never once in our coming-up-on-twelve-years marriage has he ever implied or insinuated that I could do a better job or that I had dropped the ball on keeping our place nice. If anything, he talks me off the ledge when I get overwhelmed and feel like a failure.

Oh, he compliments me when I do a bang-up job getting this place sparkling. But, in reality, he has a similar set of words for me if I’ve put off cleaning house in order to bake brownies and teach the kids about saber tooth tigers–


“It looks great.”


I know I’m lucky. I know there are women who married men who have high standards for the tidiness of their homes. I know some husbands wouldn’t gracefully sidestep the heap of discarded shoes next to the door without batting a lash.


I’m lucky.


I think I need to go make that man some bacon… :)

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6 comments to How do I love thee? “It looks great.”

  • Amanda

    I’m right there with you. I’ve tried the programs that work for others ( daily schedules, Flylady) and once I get going I can keep it up and the house looks great but inevitably something comes up( usually myself or one of the kiddos gets sick) and then I get off track and have to start all over. The hubby is great and helps out when he can but his schedule is all over the place so that doesn’t happen regularly. At least he doesn’t give me a hard time about it.

  • Roberta

    Are you the only one responsible for housekeeping? Why are you lucky that he does not complain…? Men should work in the house too I think.

    • I agree with you, Roberta. Because I am the one IN the home, day in and day out, it simply makes more sense for me to handle many of the household tasks while he is working outside of the home. I’ll be the first to admit that ours is a more “traditional” arrangement in that I do the majority of the laundry and cleaning, but he handles all trash, lawn mowing, car washing, etc. I certainly don’t think that’s the only way to allocate or share chores, but it works for us! :)

      • Roberta

        That is great, because both of you agree. I was just surprised because from the way you said it sounded different:
        “I know there are women who married men who have high standards for the tidiness of their homes. I know some husbands wouldn’t gracefully sidestep the heap of discarded shoes next to the door without batting a lash.”
        This part got me thinking that maybe you feel deep inside that keeping a home tidy is a woman’s, not a couple’s job..
        (but anyways, even if you did think this way, who am I to say how you should think? :)

  • Sonja

    I am blessed with a husband like yours in this area!

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