How do I love thee? Calm in the storm.

I? Am a bit of a firecracker. And a whirlwind. And some other kind of tempestuous, tumultuous storm.


My temper flares fast and fierce, but burns out just as quickly. I’m not proud to admit that I am most definitely a cabinet-slammer and hair tosser. My eyes flash all sorts of green sparks and I’ve been known to flounce and stomp.


I don’t say this because I think these are admirable traits, but they are the brutally honest facts.


I am emotional and dramatic and the tears flow fast and freely from my (disproportionately) big eyes.


There are a couple of upsides to all of this. 


First, I tend to get over it equally quickly. While my temper might be on the quick side, it also subsides swiftly. I don’t stay on “slow-burn” for eons and I’m highly unlikely to bring up some issue from three years ago– odds are, I got mad three years ago and got over it.


I also feel joy and and delight very quickly and easily. That’s the flip side of the highly emotional coin. It doesn’t take a lot to get me dancing and singing through our home, so, while my tantrums might be obnoxious, I also add a lot of smiles and laughter to the mix.


This is life with me.


And my husband? He rides that storm better than anyone I can imagine.


While I wear my feelings on my sleeve– and in my eyes– he is rock-steady. He endures my cabinet slamming, knowing full-well that the end is just around the corner. He works to sustain my bouts of boundless joy and laughs with me when I spin through the kitchen.


He is equally adept at wiping my tears and joining me in laughter.


If there were two like me in this house? It would be unbearable. Too much drama, too much emotion, too much up-and-down.


But his quiet calm pairs with my wider pendulum of feelings and we temper one another. I find joy in things he might miss. He helps me get it together when I snap. I force his hand and deal with issues as they come up. He teaches me how to table things that really just don’t matter.


And together? We seem to manage to weather whatever life tosses our way.

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1 comment to How do I love thee? Calm in the storm.

  • mlearley

    Sounds a lot like our marriage. While I don’t calm down as quickly as you, my husband is definitely like yours. I often say that God gave me Chris b/c no one else could handle my mood swings like he does. He is also the rational thinker when I become completely irrational. We balance each other out pretty well! Glad you found your opposite as well. Can you imagine a marriage to someone like you? I dread the thought! ;c)

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