Homework, Hiking, and A.

Happy Friday to you! For our family, this is the last day of school before Spring Break, so it’s a very happy day, indeed. I’ve got lots of fun planning and prep to do around here, but, in the meantime, why not catch up on what I’ve been doing elsewhere?


As a regular contributor on the subject of public school over at Life as MOM, I talked about getting a handle on homework earlier this month.

Is it just me, or are they handing out homework at younger and younger ages these days? I may just be old, but I don’t remember getting nightly assignments until I was in middle school.

These days, it’s common for first graders to have both math and reading homework each night. Some schools expect kindergartners to handle homework and some issue science or social studies projects on a regular basis.

It can be a lot for these little people!

And let me be real with you– it can be a lot for the big people, too. (Read the rest here...)



And– how fun!– I also got to talk a little about the hows and whys of our hiking as a family!

Though I grew up in the hills of New England, no one in my family got really involved in hiking until after I was grown. Meandering through the woods? Yes, we did that. Clamoring over rocks when we visited the shore? You betcha. But I don’t ever remember us tossing on some backpacks and hittin’ the trails.

Nowadays, however, my family can often be found tromping through forests and up the sides of mountains. (Read the rest here… )


Finally, I would absolutely LOVE it if you’d let me know of any questions you might have regarding A. in the comments here. I’ll be writing a follow-up post on him for this next week. Anything you’re wondering about his health, school, or the future plan? I try to share news and info you might actually care about, so your input is so very appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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3 comments to Homework, Hiking, and A.

  • Alex

    How is the math program through Johns Hopkins going? How does his school adapt for gifted students in upper elementary? I am in high school now, but I started in an elementary school that didn’t separate gifted students until 3rd grade, so mostly I just want to know how it works there. I like hearing about the ways different schools meet similar need classifications.

  • Sonja

    Have you had his follow up for the heart monitor? Is he still doing well physically? I actually enjoy reading everything you write about!

    • We had a post-op check a week after it was placed, but don’t go back for the next follow-up until the fall. He’s doing very well physically, and hasn’t had any more episodes of losing consciousness. We’re thinking the diet to up his BP is helping with that. Thanks so much for asking! :)

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