We’ll Enjoy Each Other More in the Morning

Most of the time, she utterly delights me, that one.


She’ll throw little arms around me for a bone-crushing hug. She’ll whip through math patterns like nobody’s business, then sigh a bit if she’s expected to work on her letters. She’ll dance through the house singing “Twinkle, twinkle precious star, Jesus loves you as you are…”


She is, in a word, FUN.


But, then, some days…


Well, some days she decides that she should be the one in charge of how the orange is sliced. And that she doesn’t actually need to sleep or rest in the afternoon. And that, suddenly, she doesn’t like the blue cup and it makes her milk taste funny.


And I’m no longer quite so charmed.


But deep breaths. Just deep breaths.


Last night, as I attempted to tuck her in, she called me back. Numerous times. To ask if she’d get a flower fork with breakfast. To tell me her stuffed sparrow was tilted funny. To inform me that she “didn’t love” the way I’d spread her blanket. To say that muffins with peanut butter sounded weird.


And my blood pressure shot up.


Deep breaths, just deep breaths.


I leaned against the doorframe and said, quietly, “You don’t realize how cranky you are. Get some sleep. We’ll enjoy each other more in the morning.”


It’s time to wake that firecracker. Here’s hoping I was right. :)

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4 comments to We’ll Enjoy Each Other More in the Morning

  • mlearley

    Oh my word! She sounds like my 4 yr old. What makes them think about the next day’s breakfast while tucking them into bed? My Alex always asks if she can have this or that for breakfast the next day. Then sometimes a few minutes later comes out to tell us that something is wrong. These are her stall methods. Hopefully your little one is in a better mood today! :)

    • She was, Michelle. :) Kids are so funny– mine are always thinking about the craziest things. “Sometime, can we hang one of those sparkly things up again?” Ummm… okay? I don’t even know what makes them come up with it!

  • Sleep makes EVERYTHING better :D. My 3 yo still takes naps and I know it’s needed. If she ever misses one (at least the majority of the time) she is a sassy, grumpy mess. Good idea to remind myself that i will enjoy her more when she’s had some rest (and most of the time, me too ;) ).

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