The Symphony of My Yard


I love where I live. Is it perfect? Of course not. No place is. Nonetheless, I live in a simple home set in a quiet neighborhood. There’s next to no traffic here, yet I’m only two minutes from my church, two minutes from the school, and three minutes from the doctor. The hospital, town library, and pharmacy? Those each take me five. Location, location, location, baby. ;)


The other day I was thinking about how I also simply adore the sounds of my yard. Here are ten things I’m likely to hear on any given day that never fail to make me smile:


  1. Birdsong. I can almost always hear and locate a crow, bluejay, chickadee, and cardinal in my yard. I hear numerous other little winged friends, too, and their songs delight me.
  2. The sway of willow branches. It is often quiet enough around here that I can detect the whisper of our big willow tree dancing in the breeze.
  3. Church bells. There are two churches just a spell down the road (including my own) and I can faintly hear their bells ring out the hour. So beautiful.
  4. Annie snuffling in the neighbor’s shrubs. Annie is a beagle. A very, very cute, well-mannered beagle. She doesn’t howl. She doesn’t bark, chase, or cause problems. She just sniffs around their bushes, tracking who-knows-what. We love Annie.
  5. The junior high marching band practicing on pretty days. The school is probably only a half-mile from us “as the crow flies” and, every now and again, I can hear the band practice. I love to hear their music!
  6. Wood being chopped. Hey, it’s New England. It’s a cozy, nest-y, wintery sound.
  7. Children’s laughter ringing out at recess. My own children attend the elementary school across the street from the above-mentioned junior high. On calm days, I can just detect the happy laughs and yelps of little ones playing outside. 
  8. Every vehicle belonging to my neighbors. When you live in a small neighborhood or on a quiet street, you learn what car or truck is coming based on sound alone. I can almost always tell you who’s coming. There’s something neat about that, actually.
  9. Wind chimes. We have a subtle orchestra of wind chimes around here. Nothing loud or jarring at all. I love the gentle tones ranging from the low timbre of some jumbo ones down the road to the tiny little tinkle of our next door neighbor’s.
  10. “Hello!” We all know each other around here. And most of us like to be outside. Rare is the day that I don’t hear a friendly hello when I step outdoors for a bit. And that’s one of my favorite sounds of all. 
So tell me– what are you likely to hear when you step out YOUR door?


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6 comments to The Symphony of My Yard

  • Sonja

    Woodpeckers are the first thing I usually hear, they love the sycamore in our front yard. Chickens & roosters: ours and the neighbor’s make sounds all day long. Turkeys and owls are usually in the trees behind the chicken coop. I can’t always see them, but I can hear them! Our two cats & our very loud cairn terrier are usually making some noise to get our attention, or chasing some type of fowl. We live on a dead end gravel road, so it is rare to hear vehicles. It is very quiet and peaceful out here. We love it. We don’t hear deer, but we see them in our yard every morning & evening. At night we can hear the frogs in the pond & whippoorwills calling to each other. Some nights we can hear coyotes howling and yapping as well.

  • That sounds a lot like my backyard. We have blue jays and cardinals, which I never saw growing up, so they are still “new” and exciting for me :)

    I often hear neighbor kids playing in their backyard.

  • Katie

    You are in a great location, it sounds peaceful yet convenient.

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