Making Spring Break Special


What’s this about yet another Winter storm? 


March is a fickle one like that. Forget “in like a lion, out like a lamb”, March is like a never-ending lamb-lion chase as the air softens, then grows bitter on a whim.


Nonetheless, Spring and, thus, Spring Break, will be here before we can blink! And, you know me– best to have a game plan!


Looking at the snow blanketing my yard, it’s a tad hard to believe that Spring will ever arrive. Nonetheless, the calendar tells me that Spring Break will be here before I can blink. Since I don’t relish the thought of being homebound with some restless little people, I’m doing a little planning now!


Here are five ways I plan to make Spring Break special:


Start the day with a feast.


One of the great perks of Spring Break is that the usual morning rush can get put aside for a bit. Even if you (or your kids) aren’t particularly keen on sleeping late, there’s something lovely about being able to kick off the day at a slower pace. Why not try turning the main meal of the day around? Rather than planning a big hearty supper the way we might during the long days of winter, try a big breakfast or brunch spread. Put out various muffins, fruit, cheese, a baked omelet, perhaps cinnamon rolls or scones… let people eat at their leisure and enjoy a calmer, simpler morning.


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2 comments to Making Spring Break Special

  • mlearley

    Great ideas!

    Did you get anything with this snow storm that came through? We once again just got a dusting but all the schools/daycares closed due to the potential of a lot of snow.

    • I’m super late responding to this– sorry! We didn’t get much snow at all in the storm you were talking about, but we got a whole bunch this last Friday! It’s gone already, though. :)

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