How do I love thee? Fancy hair.


My husband can demo a cast-iron tub. He can work the kinks out of my shoulders. He can toss a baseball for hours with the boy.



He can also do fancy hair.



While I may be the one doing most of the everyday ponies and braids around this place, when our girls want “fancy hair”? They know who to ask. And it’s not me.



I love when strangers comment on how good I am at hair… and I tell them my husband did it.



I get all sorts of responses.



Me? I love it. He’a a man of many talents, that man of mine.

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1 comment to How do I love thee? Fancy hair.

  • Jennie

    How wonderful! What a great bonding experience for your girls. My husband is planning my daughter’s 8th birthday party and mostly running it too! He’s loving it and so is my daughter.

    Ps….I can’t imagine getting anything but positive comments regarding your husband’s talent! Then again, the public can be less than kind.

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