Happy Random Tidbits

(grilled cheese on sourdough makes me happy, too)


I am in a stellar mood this morning. I have a long walk and a good cup of coffee under my belt already, and I am excited to see what else the day has for me!


While happy, I am also scattered and unable to formulate a good, solid, single post topic. As a result, you get some randomness from me. :)


In no particular order, here are a few things bringing me delight right now:


I. I’m an auntie again! Well, technically an “honorary auntie.” My best friend gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last night and I am just itching to get my hands on her. I’ve seen many handsome baby boys born within the last month or so, so this sweet princess should have some good options as she grows. ;)


II. I went to Confession last night for the first time in fifteen years (<– I think. More than ten, for sure.) I waited in line and shook. Seriously. My lip trembled so much that I think the teenaged boy a couple people behind me was worried about me. I had hoped the priest would be welcoming to me and he absolutely was. I am overjoyed to have availed myself of this beautiful sacrament again and my heart feels SO much lighter as I prepare for Easter.


III. This caramel creme coffee in my cup is super delicious. It’s the grounds that are flavored, so I can still leave it black, as God intended. I kid! But, really, it is super tasty. Just another thing that makes me smile.


IV. My girls’ Easter shoes arrived yesterday. Sweet little white leather flowered sandals that scream of warmer temps than we’ve yet seen but, still, they bring us all joy and hope!


V. I learned of a Faith Walk in my town yesterday and I am so thrilled about it! New England towns are built around “greens” and ours is truly beautiful. It is also lined with several churches of varying denominations. On Friday, we will gather and walk the green as various ministers, pastors, and priests lead us in the story of the Passion. I am beyond thrilled that Catholics and Protestants are joining together to share this amazing experience– there is more that unites us than divides us.


VI. I have seedlings! Just a few, but they make me grin as I see them grow taller and stronger each day. New life is always something to celebrate, is it not? And, with that, I’ve come full circle… from a new baby to new plants.


So there you are! I have lots of reasons to dance around my living room, now don’t I?


Your turn… tell me something good! 

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