Good Friday Faith Walk


We bowed our heads.


We prayed.


We shouted, in unison, “Crucify him!” even as the words choked us.


We sang, “Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?” as we solemnly moved from station to station.


We walked, following the cross, and listed to the story of Christ’s Passion unfold.


At the end, we prayed The Lord’s Prayer and gave thanks to God.


. . .


You know what we DIDN’T do?


We didn’t debate transubstantiation.


We didn’t argue about Mary’s role within the church.


We didn’t analyze the value or lack thereof of the papacy.


We didn’t discuss saints, sola scriptura, or meatless Fridays.


We listened to a Baptist pastor, a Methodist minister, an Episcopalian priest, a Catholic deacon, and more as they led us through Jesus’ final day.


We, together, embraced the story of our Lord and set our denominational differences aside.


I said it on Tuesday and I will say it again–


There is more that unites us than divides us.


I wish there were more events like this Faith Walk.

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8 comments to Good Friday Faith Walk

  • Jennie

    What an amazing journey. God is so good.

  • mlearley

    That sounds like an awesome way to remember what Christ did for us.

  • “There is more that unites us than divides us.” Yep. We did Saturday Easter Vigil, got home at 10pm, then turned around and met at the pond for sunrise service at 6:30 am with the christian church.

    MUST focus on what unites us…

    • I look forward to doing the vigil some year! Ours goes until 10pm and my kids have never in their lives stayed up that late, I don’t think. It’ll happen some year, though! :) (The sunrise service sounds beautiful!)

  • Katie

    I love when different denominations come together. What a great event!

  • Carol B.

    I would love to attend something like that! It sounds lovely.

    How I wish people could set aside their theology and embrace what we all agree on more often. I was raised Catholic and still find mass very comforting and somehow it feels like going home to me when I attend a more structured church service, although I now attend a non-denominational church and love it.

    But it saddens me so much to hear anyone from one denomination “dissing” anther denomination. I am of the opinion that all that theology is interesting, sometimes fun to debate about (if a friendly way – no actual arguments!) and can be very meaningful to people, but I really think God would care more if we are following His son’s words: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind, and love your neighbors as yourself. (Why do we find these two things so difficult to do?!

    • It was so beautiful, Carol. And the thing is– no one was trying to convince anyone else to attend a different church. It wasn’t at all about deciding who was “right” or better or any of that. We gathered because we needed to honor Good Friday– all of us– and it was just lovely to be able to do that together. (And I won’t lie– I rather enjoyed the confused looks on people’s faces as they passed by and saw this whole smorgasbord of people walking with a wide array of priests and ministers. ;) )

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