The First Blog I Ever Read

What was the first blog you ever read? Do you remember? How did you find it? When did you start reading it? Do you STILL read it?


I think it’s fun to look back in time a bit. Even though it’s only been about six years for me, that’s a near-lifetime in the online world!


The first blog I ever read was: Baby Cheapskate


I found it through: Parents Magazine, in early-mid 2007. I had actually never heard of a blog before that, really. The magazine said Baby Cheapskate tracked the best prices on diapers and I thought, “hey, I have two in diapers– that might be useful!” The rest is history.


Do I still read it? Alas, no. I pop on there from time to time, but I no longer have babies, really, AND I got rather adept at finding the deals myself. It appears I learned well!


Through Baby Cheapskate (Angie), I found Freebies 4 Mom (Heather). Through Heather, I found Mom Advice (Amy) and Money Saving Mom (Crystal). Through Crystal, I’ve found innumerable people, like Life as MOM (Jessica) and Tammy’s Recipes. It was on Tammy’s site that I found Amy (The Finer Things in Life) because she and I ALWAYS wound up with our links back-to-back on Kitchen Tip Tuesdays and, well, back then, people actually visited the other links on memes/carnivals. ;)


And that, my friends, is how the never-ending network of the internet begins, I suppose!


Part of why I first started blogging was that Angie once turned my comment into a stand-alone post. I had written about saving money on specialty formula. I found myself checking (somewhat compulsively) to see if anyone had commented on my comment-turned-post. I realized how much I liked sharing what I knew and thought and, also, how much I enjoyed seeing feedback and responses to it.


I love seeing how things unfold and unravel over time, don’t you?


Today, I would love if you’d share in the comments:


1) What was the first blog you ever read?

2) How (and when) did you find it?

3) Do you still read it? Why or why not?


I have a feeling there are some awesome stories out there! :)





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20 comments to The First Blog I Ever Read

  • mlearley

    1) Yours.

    2) A friend posted a link to one of your posts, I think it was about split chicken breasts and how to get the most meals out of it.

    3) Yep and actually go back and read some that you posted before I started following you. Your posts are interesting to me and we seem like we have very similar personalities/views on the world. Basically, I can relate to you and what you share. Now I’m going to have to check out some of the blogs above to get $$ saving tips!

    • Mine? Really??? That surprised me! (But in a good, flattering way. :) ) That post you’re talking about was my most-read EVER. I remember trying to reply to comments on it and almost losing my mind! All the blogs I mentioned are good ones and they’re all still up and running– have fun checking them out!

  • I had two friends from college, Sam and Jen, who had blogs. And I read them! This was about 2005, early 06? So then I started my blog in July 2006!

    Neither blog still exists, so no.

    The first person I remember reading that I didn’t actually know was Amanda at OhAmanda. I have NO IDEA how I found her blog but I’m glad I did!

    • Now that I’m reading your comment, Jessie, I’m reminded of some techie friends we had in VA talking about another buddy of theirs having a blog back in 2004– and we thought he sounded insane. Ha! Little did I know…

  • I had a “care page” when I was in antepartum and when Reese was in NICU. My friend said why don’t you get a real blog already? I was like WHAT???? SO she taught me what a blog was and I read hers first. But she doesn’t do it anymore.

  • Susan

    Frugal Girl was the first blog I ever read and yes, I still read her blog faithfully!

    I love reading your blog because you have a preemie, but not a young one. I’m tired of everyone thinking that preemies are always babies. They do grow up but will always our little muffins!

    • I absolutely LOVE when fellow preemie moms “find” me, Susan. My blog started out ALL preemie stuff, but quickly evolved to meet the demographic of readers I’d established. But it’s still super fun to be able to “talk preemie” sometimes! :)

  • Katie

    This is a fun post. I’m excited to read through the comments and see what everyone first started reading. I first started reading Grocery Cart Challenge. I think I first read an article about it in the local paper. Sadly I don’t read it anymore, I think she still has the blog but doesn’t post very much anymore. I found The Finer Things in Life through one of the recipe link-ups on the GCC and that eventually lead me to your blog! Visiting links on carnivals was how I found a lot of the blogs I love, but now I don’t visit many links….I guess I have too many blogs to read as it is :)

    • Maybe that is part of the shift, Katie! I don’t know. Blogging in 2008 was SO different from 2013. That’s not all bad, certainly, but I really DO miss visiting each other via links more frequently… it was a fun way to “meet” new people! :)

  • Rhoda

    Not exactly a blog, as Journey to Me is a website for adoptive parents to share the journey to their child(ren). I began reading others “blogs” in 2006 in order to learn and try to patiently wait for our children. Specifically I read the “journeys”/blogs of families adopting from Vietnam as that is where we adopted our two children in April 2007. I no longer keep up with reading the various blogs as it is very easy to get caught up in the journeys of these families and spend all day on that instead of the responsibilities at home. I recently found your site from Amy’s Finer Things, a blog I’ve followed for about 1.5 years. The world of blogs have changed a lot since I first started reading in 2006. So many things to read/learn/explore. From time to time I have to re-evaluate and decide what to continue with or drop to make room for everything I find. And in the worlds of homeschooling/living healthy/frugal/adoption, there are a lot of worthy sites.

    • There are indeed a lot of worthy sites. It can be easy to get overwhelmed with all of the great options there are out there. I know a lot of people who have to “cull their readers” at least a couple times a year so they don’t get buried in posts!

  • Sonja

    The first blog I read was The Finer Things in Life. She was doing a series on “why didn’t anyone tell me” and the first blog post I read was about vbac. I was so excited to follow her blog, because she & I were preggo – due around the same time. I still read her blog every day :) I found your blog through a comment on one of her posts. I went into labor at 27 weeks with my baby, and even though I’d had preterm labor with my other pregnancies, knew something was different. Thankfully, my princess stayed in til 34 weeks and we had no NICU time. But I devoured every post on your blog while I was on bed rest!

  • For me it was Angie Smith’s blog, Bring The Rain. I read about little Audrey in a Focus on the Family magazine. I was so touched by their story that I went online to check out her blog. I didn’t even know what a blog was! Somewhere alone the line, I joined twitter and somehow came across your blog. Then from one of your tweets, I read about Amy (finer things) and how she was in labor with baby #4. From her blog I found Jessie (Vanderbilt Wife), Life as Mom, and many more. I’ve been hooked on reading blogs ever since! (And still read all of Angie’s posts too).

  • Heavenly Homemakers. Laura’s sister-in-law was at my house doing an Uppercase Living home party and she mentioned Laura’s blog. I wrote it down and was immediately addicted. That was in April. I started blogging that July. (Oh. Wait. You already know that part. ;) )

    Yep. I still read it, though (like yours) I’m often behind. I trust my google reader to collect the posts for me until I have a “power hour” to go through them all. Laura and I have become good friends. I’m excited that her dad (who went to school with my MIL) lives close to me so we can get together a couple of times a year when she visits him. Small world!

  • And why did I think we met via Life as Mom? Hmmm…

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