Team Loyalty

I’m a Ravens fan. As you can see. I’ve had that jersey since 2002, so you can’t claim I’m just jumping on a Super Bowl Champion bandwagon. ;)


Why, you may wonder, when I’ve lived in Illinois, Ohio, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Florida, Virginia, and Indiana– but never Maryland– would I be a Ravens fan?


Well, let’s go back in time to the year 1999, shall we? I was but a baby then. My husband– who was my boyfriend at the time– loved to watch football. I didn’t get it. And, if you don’t get it? Football is a very L O N G game.


I asked him to teach me. And he did! I also decided it would be fun if I had my own team to cheer for. I didn’t feel like choosing a Florida team, even though that’s where we lived.


“Who are those guys in purple?” I asked.


“They would be the Ravens,” he replied, with a crooked grin.


And a Ravens fan I became. I am, indeed, that girl who chose a team because of their uniforms. Go ahead– judge away. I care not. Ha!


We even went to a Ravens game for our first wedding anniversary– it was super fun! They played the Cincinnati Bengals. The Ravens won and I was glad at the time.


But now? Even though I’m a Ravens fan, I’d probably cheer for Cincinnati. Because, somehow, even though he’s lived in Virginia, Indiana, and Connecticut– but never Ohio–, my little guy has turned into a Bengals fan…

Wonder how that happened. ;)

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10 comments to Team Loyalty

  • mlearley

    You know I don’t think your reasoning for your favorite football team is that silly. I’ll briefly tell you mine, Arziona Cardinals (Larry Fitzgarald fan). It was January 2009, our daughter was 1 month old and the Cardinals were in a play-off game. Right before it started my husband that there’s no way the Cardinals will win and asked if I wanted to bet on it (we do this often so not a big deal). He told me that I could pick anything I wanted if the Cardinals won, so being a sleep deprived momma I choose a full nights sleep. Meaning daddy was getting up for every feeding that night. Sure enough the Cardinals won thanks to Larry Fitzgarald who score quite a few touchdowns. That year they made it to the SuperBowl and I even made all 3 of us matching Cardinals t-shirts to wear. So yep, what a way to pick a favorite team. :)

  • I’m a Redskins fan and a Pats fan. I was born in DC and my mom now lives in Maryland but we were Redskins fans before the Ravens came to the area. I went to college in New England and watched a ton of Pats games with friends.

  • Susan

    You are so cute. I would cheer for whoever my son likes too!

  • And that’s exactly why I wouldn’t be a Ravens fan. I don’t like purple. LOL.

  • This? Hysterical. When Lance and I started dating, I was roped into the Fantasy Football mania, and I enjoyed it because I’d win at least half the time. Ha!

    One week I picked a LOSER team to beat a really good team. Apparently I wasn’t paying attention. Oh, well. My team won. “I TOTALLY meant to do that!” We laughed.

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