How do I love thee? Fearless Entertainer.

It is no secret that I juggle the bulk of the “kid stuff” around here. I do all their laundry, prepare their meals, make sure schoolwork and forms are complete, schedule doctor/dentist appointments, etc, etc. This really only makes sense since I’m the one who’s HERE all the time.


I’m used to having to entertain these little people. It’s just one of those things I do.


So, when I headed off to the Allume blogging conference last October (my first blogging conference EVER), I wasn’t exactly sure what my husband would do with them all day. I mean, had they been HOME, I knew he had a seemingly endless supply of tricks up his sleeve. With all their familiar toys and doo-dads around, they’d have been totally fine.


But they came with me. To the hotel. I left him with three small children from basically 7am to 10pm each day. (I did get to pop in to see them here and there– that was one of the real perks of having my beloved family along!)


I’m going to be honest with you– I had anticipated a lot of TV watching in their days. I’d assumed they’d play some games on the iPod, watch shows, basically veg out.


I was wrong.


They went chocolate tasting at Hershey Park. They rode a trolley. They went to a museum. They walked down to a neighborhood pizza shop and ordered their “pie by the slice.” They explored the capital building. They ordered pitas stuffed with feta from a street vendor. They went outlet shopping and came back with some adorable Osh Kosh articles. They went out for a fancy, sit-down steak dinner.


All sans Mama.


So, while I was indeed having a blast doing things like this–

–I was also missing out on some pretty awesome adventures!


My husband will venture out anywhere. It doesn’t matter if he’s never driven there before. It doesn’t matter if he has three small children with him. It doesn’t matter that he needs to juggle and coordinate bathroom trips with two little girls. He figures it out.


From local landmarks to culture to regional culinary delights, this man of mine helped our children explore it all.


Bury his face in a smart phone and let Phineas & Ferb do the entertaining?


Not my guy.


I love that fearless entertainer.



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2 comments to How do I love thee? Fearless Entertainer.

  • mlearley

    I love that they explored my area!! Hershey is absolutely amazing. You can spend hours at chocolate world and not spend much money. Last year around Christmas we went with our two little ones and spent an hour watching training dogs walk around (they take them there so they get use to people). What joy on the girls faces and this was after riding the tour ride. The outlets here are pretty awesome too! We’re planning a trip to Disney and will be hitting up the Disney outlet for survinors to take along for the kids, they don’t have to know it came along with us. ;c) There’s so much to do in this area and if you ever come back I can let you know of more awesome places…safari rides where the animals come onto the bus (with it’s roof cut off) that you are riding. I LOVE our area!!!

  • He sounds like a gem. Wish there were more like him!! That’s the kind of dad that kids deserve!

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