Menu Plan: Kicking off 2013!

I know, I know… MONDAY is the day we’re supposed to publish menu plans. But, well, I had a story to tell you yesterday, so it’ll have to do today. :)


I spent November and December cooking and freezing like a fool at the front end of the months so that I could rest on my laurels for the rest. That worked fine, but I’m happy to resume cooking more “day-by-day” for this month. There are advantages to both methods, but this is what I’m doing for now!



Brunch–Bagels w/ Cream Cheese, Fruit, Juice, Coffee (an easy one since we were busy taking decorations down!)

D–Sunday supper at Bama & Papa’s



B–Blueberry Cream Oatmeal, Milk

D–Aussie Chicken Strips (based loosely on this recipe), Brown Rice, Broccoli



B–Chocolate Peanut Raisin Granola (<– SUCH a kid-pleaser!), Milk

D–Carnitas Soft Tacos



B–Lazier, Healthier Apple Muffins, Cheddar

D–Salmon, Rice, Broccoli (for the kids–date night for us!)



B–Brown Sugar Raisin Oatmeal, Milk

D–Burgers, Pickles



B–Banana Grape Smoothies, Toast

D–Mushroom Pizza



B–French Toast, Sausages, Fruit

D–Seafood Crepes¬†


And that should do it! I can’t wait to have those seafood crepes again. My husband mentioned how much he loved them and I immediately put them on the plan. They’re so, SO good…


Anything you’re looking forward to eating this week? Let me know in the comments!

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