How do I love thee? The Handy Man.


I should maybe back up a bit in this story.


My dad? Is very handy. He can fix– or build– just about anything. Oh, he calls in the experts for some things, for sure. And, really, sometimes it’s more efficient to pay someone to get the job done. Still, I grew up with a man who was very hands-on and who wasn’t afraid to take things apart.


I don’t think that’s super uncommon for our parents’ generation. I certainly wouldn’t say that all my friends’ dads were as handy as my own, but I knew plenty who could work on their cars, fix a leaky sink, or repair a hole in the wall. They were raised that way.


Our generation, however, tends to be different. There are plenty of boys and young men being taught these skills, but there are also more and more who don’t know a flat-head from a phillips head. To be fair, most of these young men do have far more skills in technology than their fathers were ever expected to have.


Anyway, when my then-boyfriend first met my dad, it became clear that, other than affection for me, “fixin’ stuff” was the thing they had in common.

(Oh, we were such BABIES there! Ignore my half-closed eyes, ‘k?)

It became a little joke in my family that my father could frequently be heard saying, “He’s pretty handy, don’tcha know?” I know my sister and I laughed about it more than a time or two. I also think my dad enjoyed picking out tools to get my husband for Christmas in those early years.


I am married to a guy who can handle any simple repair you toss his way, and a good number of far more difficult ones, too. Wiring? He’s got that. Replacing toilets, sinks, etc? No problem. Tiling? Car repairs? Oh, the list goes on. I can’t even begin to count how much we’ve likely saved over the years because he can “do it himself”… and do it well.


My guy is handy.


I have friends whose husbands take their cars to the shop to have a taillight bulb replaced. And these are FANTASTIC men. Great fathers, super providers, intelligent dudes. I enjoy their company so very much.


But, I gotta say…


I’m glad I married a handy man. :)


Does your spouse have some awesome skills that save you time and money? Do tell!

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  • Really this is important. My husband has some handy skills, but not as many as I’d like. I’m hoping between him and the grandfathers my boys become handy across the board!

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