How do I love thee? Dolphins.

I feel like I’ve been word-y lately. Not that that’s a bad thing, necessarily, but I also realize that you may have more important things to do with your week than read my thoughts. ;)


So, this week, I’m going to share just a very short, silly thing that I adore about my husband:


I love how he teases our kids.


When we all went on a cruise to celebrate my husband and my 10th wedding anniversary, we saw dolphins leaping alongside the ship. They were beautiful. Our then five-year-old daughter queried, “What do dolphins eat?”


Without missing a beat, my husband replied, “People.”


The kids giggled and snickered, “Daaaadddd…” “That’s not right, Daddy!” “No way!”


They don’t really believe that dolphins eat people.


But, to this day, if you ask any of them, “What do dolphins eat?”, they will respond, without hesitation, “PEOPLE!”


And everyone will crack up.


I love that.

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2 comments to How do I love thee? Dolphins.

  • Mary B.

    Too funny…just last night at supper (I read this post that afternoon), my hubby gave some goofy answer to one of the kids’ questions. I totally love it, too! He is a much quicker thinker than I am, so he’s the one ready with a funny answer when I would be boring and just give the real one. :)

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