How do I love thee? 52 ways.


I absolutely love writing about marriage. I really, really do. I am passionate about supporting marriage and encouraging you all in any little way I might be able to.


I really, REALLY want to make it known that marriage is awesome. It is not easy. It is not always fun. It is not sunshine and roses. But it is, without a doubt, amazing and rewarding and beautiful.


And, in the interest of always being honest with you all, I will tell you this–


It is good for MY marriage when I write about it.


Putting these words on the screen? Helps cement them in my mind. Figuring out how to best encourage you all in taking YOUR marriages from fine to fabulous? Helps me keep mine lively and rich.


With that in mind, I’m going to be sharing fifty-two posts on ways and reasons I’m loving my man. I do this both because it is really, really good for me, but also because I want to encourage you to think about all the little things that make your husband (or wife, if you happen to be one of my rare male readers– hello there, by the way! Thanks for being here!) so special.


Focused attention on the good is essential to a strong, thriving marriage.


Won’t you join me for the ride?


This is week #1, and I’m not going to cop out. I am, however, going to keep it short and sweet, since I’ve already rambled about the whole concept for awhile. Here goes:


My husband always (ALWAYS!) makes sure I have coffee. I love coffee. Immensely. Black coffee. Hot coffee. REAL coffee. It’s the taste I love– not the caffeine. It is rare that I run out of coffee to brew. But, if I do, he makes absolutely sure I have whatever cash I need to grab Dunkin Donuts just down the road.


Does that seem silly? Tiny? Insignificant?


It’s not, really. It’s what years of knowing me has taught him– I can happily go through the day without chocolate or bread or butter or TV. But I get really sad without coffee. So he makes sure it doesn’t happen.


And I love that.


Is there any little thing that’s pretty essential to your having a happy day? How about your spouse? Tell me about those little ways you look out for one another!



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5 comments to How do I love thee? 52 ways.

  • mlearley

    Love this idea! Not sure if there is something that I need everyday to make me have a happy day but my husband is willing to drop what he’s doing to make me happy. For example in October, we purchased 6 donuts and one was a pumpkin donut that I was so excited to try. We took the kids outside to play, leaving the donut box on our kitchen table. When we returned we found out that our dog ate all but one donut. I was sad, not devestated or anything but my husband was willing to run out to the donut store and buy me another one right then. I told him that spending time as a family was more important and that I didn’t NEED the donut. I thought it was just so sweet that he was willing to drop everything to get a silly donut.

  • Celine

    I am really looking forward to this series, even though I am single and never been married.

  • Katie

    I’m so excited this series! I love that you are so passionate about working to create a fun, healthy marriage. Your encouragement and ideas are so helpful to me….thank you!

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