Here I Go Again (review)

I recently had the opportunity to read Jen Lancaster’s Here I Go Again along with some other members of BlogHer’s Book Club. Fortunately, I didn’t gloss over any pertinent info this time and somehow miss that I was entering into a genre that terrified me. Ahem. Been there, done that!


Anywho, this was a quick, light, easy read. The characters are relatable in their flaws– we all grew up with people like this: “The Prom Queen. The Mean Girl. The Bitch.” But what happens when said mean-girl is now 37? What happens as she tries to navigate the new and very real challenges of grown-up life?


Like I said, it was a fast-moving, easy-to-handle read for me. One of the most fascinating parts, to me, was the role of social media. When Lissy (our main character) wants to know more about another woman, where do you suppose she turns?


“Ah, Facebook! Yes! That’s where I need to go. I’ll look at her page and find out what’s going on with her…


I pull up her photo page first…


I dig deeper into her profile. I click over to her wall. Look like she’s “in a relationship” with someone named Emcee Peere of Chicago…”


… and on it goes.


Honestly? It gave me a few heebie jeebies. It wasn’t too long ago that someone had to actually know you (or at least know someone who knew you) to find out so much information. Now? It’s literally at the world’s fingertips.


There’s no doubt– social media has definitely been a huge game changer.


Tell me this– what scares you most about that? And what do you think is the best part?


This is a paid review for BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are my own.
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4 comments to Here I Go Again (review)

  • mlearley

    Scared the most: My girls when they are teenagers making the mistake of posting too personal of information (nude photos, addresses, phone number, etc) or meeting up with a “friend” they’ve never met and it going terribly wrong.

    Best Part: Caughting up wih friends that I haven’t seen since high school or college and keeping in touch with family in different states/countries.

  • Laraba

    I’m using the Manti Teo (spelling?) story as a life lesson for our children. Here is a grown man who got into a “relationship” that turned out to be totally based on fantasy (assuming he was indeed an innocent victim.) I keep reminding our eldest that online, a person present herself as one thing and be a totally different person and even gender! I do appreciate FB in that I’m somewhat isolated at home with 8 children whom I homeschool, and staying in touch with friends via FB is a helpful thing. This does remind me to be cautious, though. And to be cautious with our kids. They don’t have FB accounts yet…

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