Help Me Make These Peepers Pop!

Well, hi. If this post comes across somewhat disjointed, let’s just blame it on the fever, shall we?


Never fear, I got that sucker down with some ibuprofen, tea, and rest. I’m totally fine. But I did get to the point that I read the word “influence” as “influenza”… ah, delirium. ;)


Anyway, since I can’t really put coherent thoughts together right now, I figured I’d just toss the ball in your court and pick your brains for awhile…


In my entire lifetime, I have owned two eyeliners. No, no, not two BRANDS or two TYPES… two, total. They were both by Revlon (I think) and I got them on clearance at Target back in 2005. Yes, really.


They served their purpose. They helped us create Dr. Wilson:


And a baby leopard:

(I can’t rotate that pic for the life of me– my apologies.)


I may have even lined my eyes with them once or twice.

(again, NOT naked people– just wearing a strapless maxi dress)

They’re gone now. And that’s fine. I really had no business putting those things so close to my eyes after so many years anyhow.


But I’m thinking I might like to buy some eyeliner. You know, just for fun, now and then. I don’t wear much eye makeup. I truly was born with some bright eyes and dark lashes and that does help. Here I am:


But I’d like to have the option to play them up more, every now and again. And here’s where you come in. What eyeliner can you recommend to me?


My deets:

  • My eyes are blue-green– kind of teal, really.
  • My eyes are big and deep-set– it is unlikely that I will line my upper lashes because you can’t see them well, anyhow.
  • I wear contacts. (They are not colored, despite what people sometimes think.)
  • My skin is fair, but not terribly sensitive.
  • I’m pretty good about washing off makeup, but I really can’t stand fussing with special remover creams and potions.


What have you got for me, oh brilliant ones? Any suggestions?

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11 comments to Help Me Make These Peepers Pop!

  • Amanda

    I have blue eyes and dark lashes and found that Almay line of eye enhancing liner and shadow combos work well. The eye liner I use is not one I would have ever picked for myself because its a brownish color. To be exact it’s Loreal extra intense liquid pencil liner in brown. It definitely makes my eyes pop. Especially when I use a brown shadow on the bottom half of the eye lid.

    • I love the idea of those color customized collections. And then I always wind up looking back and forth between blue and green, wondering which one I should pick! ;) There’s really NO grey or brown to my eyes, so I hesitate to call them hazel…

  • Carol B.

    We (meaning my oldest daughter and I) fell in love with Urban Decay eyeliners and eye shadow primer. We got a bunch as a thank you for helping a friend in Sweden get her order(UD doesn’t to international shipping). I never used much eyeliner before, and never used primer at all, but both were amazing. My daughter has blue eyes and she’s played around with colors like turquoise and grey. I stick to browns since I have brown eyes. The primer helps eye shadow glide on super easy and stay put for hours. You can find Urban Decay online. They usually send lots of samples too, and for the quality they are reasonably priced.

  • Lia

    Eyeshadow! If you’re wearing eyeshadow on the upper lid, just use an eyeliner brush with short, flat-topped bristles, and use some of the same color as eyeliner. It’s what I do because it’s a much softer look than the liquid or pencil eyeliners. You can also use a pencil, then go over it with the shadow for a more middle-of-the-road approach.

    • I’m not super handy with eye shadow, Lia, and, when I wear it, it’s usually a light, shimmery shade. HOWEVER, at your suggestion, I did attempt to line my eyes with a sparkly black shadow yesterday and it turned out pretty cute! :)

  • Celine

    I hope you get some good suggestions. I haven’t worn eyeliner is more then 12yrs and the few times I did way back when it was usually a wet n’ wild pencil eyeliner. I would definitely be of no help.

  • SO funny, I ONLY wear liner on the top. When I want to be fancy I put a little shadow on the bottom. In high school I lined the bottom but ever since I saw Kelly Taylor (a la Bev Hills 90210) wear on the top only I switched and now it feels weird to line the bottom for my everyday living.
    I use and LOVE MAC pot eyeliner, but discovered Sephora brand works nicely as well. I also like urban decay liners, but I’m cheap so I usually just buy Covergirl CG smoothers (my lids are getting looser and this glides smoothly). I recently got FAT Sephora liner and am really happy with it.
    I mostly use brown. If I have a lot of time to be meticulous I’ll use black. But I do love a sparkly blue Aqua liner from Make Up Forever for being fancy. I also like an dark purple liner sometimes. I recently bought green sephora fat liner that I like with goldish/browns shadow.
    PS My eyes are very blue.

    • Man, you have lots of fun options, Heather! You really CANNOT see my upper lid unless my eyes are closed, so I always feel like lining that one just makes my eyes look sunken. Lining my lower lid makes my eyes even bigger, which is pretty unnecessary, but still fun. ;)

  • Sonja

    I got a beautiful teal gel eyeliner from Mary Kay a couple months ago. It was my very first eyeliner ever. I love it! Unfortunately, hubby doesn’t. :(

    • Aw, bummer! :( The first time I ever tried eyeliner was my roommate’s in college. My then-boyfriend (now-husband) finally asked me if I’d wash it off because it “ruined my beautiful eyes.” I was so hurt, at the time, but I guess it was kind of a compliment. ;)

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