Embracing the “Real”

On New Year’s Eve, I tweeted this,


And, though it’s easy to toss out 140 character thoughts without a care in the world, I totally mean it.


There’s always so much talk about “authenticity” online. People are praised for being honest, sometimes to a fault. And, if that feels good to you, I say “go for it.” If it makes an audience uncomfortable? Well, they’re free to read elsewhere, now aren’t they? The world wide internetz has plenty of offerings. ;)


When I say “real” and “authentic”, I don’t necessarily mean verbally vomiting your entire life on a platter for all the world to see. If that’s helpful to you, go right ahead. But it’s not a requirement of being authentic.


The good parts, the happy parts, are still real. Feel free to focus on those. The pain, the strife… those are real, too. Sharing them can be healing.


At the end of the day, as long as what you’re sharing is part of who you really are… as long as it is true and meaningful and significant to YOU, then I’m thrilled you are sharing it. You don’t have to be willing to rip your heart open for the whole world to see– you just have to be willing to share very real, credible parts of yourself.


What I am OVER, really and truly, is the role-playing. If I feel like you carefully concoct your updates and tweets to create a character? I’m done with it. I have little time for Hollywood drama and I have no interest in it within the world of social media.


I adore the conversation and affection and interaction I’ve been fortunate to find online– I’m willing to put energy into cultivating that. I am NOT willing to get sucked into a bunch of game-playing. I abhor the practice of putting on a mask so the world sees an image rather than an authentic, broken, beautiful person.


Let this be the year when we all embrace and accept who we are… let’s celebrate the beauty of being multi-faceted and -dimensional. Let’s shed the masks and roles and have the confidence to reveal our true selves, even if we choose to limit how much we divulge.


Some of the most lovely compliments I’ve ever received about my writing have to do with being REAL. People like real people. *I* like “real” people.


Here’s to a 2013 chock-full of them. :)

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2 comments to Embracing the “Real”

  • mlearley

    I read an article once about how social media is making lots of people depressed b/c people only post the happy stuff. Then when a person who is going through a tough time only sees this happy stuff their “friends” are posting they get depressed. I fine it interesting when friends post about how great their kids are and how they love spending time with them, etc but then turn around when we’re one on one and complain about their kids. Is it healthy for them to pretend like everything is perfect when in fact it’s not?

    • I don’t think concocting an “image” is all that healthy at all. I also don’t think most people are truly impressed with shiny, perfect exteriors. You don’t have to reveal ALL the ugly, but a few imperfections make people even more attractive, in my opinion!

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