The Top 12 of 2012

And yet another year draws to a close…


It’s amazing to think that I’ve occupied this small space of the internet for almost 4 1/2 years now. Who’d have thought I’d have so much to say??? (Don’t answer that, Mom and Dad.)


It’s always fun to look back at what the most-visited posts of the year were. Mind you, this does not mean they were my FAVORITE posts I’ve ever written. In many cases, they also aren’t my most well-written, technically, either. Nonetheless, these are the articles that draw people to my words, so it’s worth taking the time to acknowledge them as we bid 2012 adieu.


So, without further ado (<– see how I did that? I threw in an impromptu lesson on the difference between “adieu” and “ado”. :) ), here are The Top 12 of 2012:


  1. My Ten Favorite Things to Add to Tomato Soup
  2. How to Help Sandy Hook (Newtown)
  3. Prepping Five Meals from Five Chicken Breasts
  4. Holiday Drinks to Warm Your Spirits
  5. Where to Find Replacement Balls for the Playskool Busy Ball Popper
  6. 20 Ways to Make Oatmeal Special
  7. I Didn’t Know How Much I Didn’t Have
  8. Cinnamon Roll Bread in 30 Minutes
  9. Top Ten NICUs in the United States
  10. 3 Quick Substitutes for a Lost Earring Back
  11. Deconstructed Pain au Chocolat
  12. What I Want Pre-Teen Girls to Know About Sizes

(I did exclude “Home Page“, “About“, and “The Birth Story” from this list.)


Any surprises? Any memorable posts you thought might appear on the list? Someday, I need to do a list of MY favorite posts I’ve ever written… unless that sounds super arrogant. What do you think?

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