Maybe I’ll Need It

“Mom, do you have a Christmas thank you note I could use? My teacher gave me a present.”


His first words to me as he gets off the bus.


This kid. THIS KID. He is something else. I don’t know where I got him. I mean, I like to think I’m a polite person and all, but so are lots of other people, really. Being polite doesn’t guarantee you a thoughtful kid. Trust me– I’ve birthed two others and their very first thoughts aren’t typically of thank you notes…


Then there’s his “Letter to Santa”…


3 words to describe my behavior are: wild, helpful, and thoughtful

My wish for my family is to have lots of fun.

My wish for the world is to have great character traits to everyone. (Really??? That’s deep for a seven-year-old…)

And here’s what I’d like to say to you… (<– this is where they’re supposed to “tell Santa what they want”)


What is it like in your world? Ho Ho Ho! Who gives you presents on Christmas Eve? Sorry, I don’t have a wish.

Love, A.



And he means it. The kid hasn’t asked for anything. I tease him sometimes… “What if Santa brings you an old shoelace?” He just shrugs, “Then I’ll trust that there’s a reason I’m supposed to have an old shoelace. Maybe I’ll need it someday.”


He’s always giving me something to think about…

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