Learning to Accept Help

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Last week, I received a phone call from the school.


“A. isn’t doing well. … nearly lost consciousness several times… so pale… vitals drop… brady-ing… “


I heard the words through a fog.


I made my excuses and my exit from the moms’ ministry group I’m a part of and pulled little G. out the door.


I called the ped from my car.


“Monitored… carditis… ER… go straight there.”


And I did. I picked up my boy and took him to the ER.


Hours later, he was loaded into an ambulance and I climbed in beside him. We rode to our state’s capital city and arrived at the Children’s Hospital.


A flurry of events followed, including figuring out logistics for being with our son and caring for our daughters and trying to keep, well, LIFE afloat. Story hour, gymnastics, pageant practice… somehow, it was critical to me that I juggle it all and hold it together.


The end of the week brought my son’s return home (joy!) and marked the beginning of a long, drawn-out battle to get a prescription filled (frustration!)


Somewhere in there– I’m not even sure when– I received a phone call from the Faith Formation coordinator at our church. She suggested that I relinquish the job of teaching this week and, instead, serve as assistant. This means I don’t have to lesson plan. Basically, I help pass out snacks and maintain order.


It’s a little bit of a relief, I guess. I don’t have so much to do today, now. The pressure’s off, I suppose, in that I don’t feel the need to come up with some great, exciting ideas to entertain a troop of first graders for ninety minutes.


But I’m struggling.


It’s a bitter pill to accept help sometimes, isn’t it? I mean… when I was right in the throes of it, I gladly and gratefully accepted child care, rides, etc. But… now?


I feel guilty.


Tell me I’m not the only one who struggles with accepting a helping hand?

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7 comments to Learning to Accept Help

  • I hope your son is doing better. I can’t even imagine what that all was like. I totally agree, help is hard to except, especially for those that are usually the ones helping others, which I am guessing you are. Enjoy the break and don’t feel guilty. We all need help once in awhile.

  • Your poor family…I’m so sorry that A is having to go through this! It is SO hard to accept help from others…for me it makes me feel weak and incapable. But, it’s important to remember that others need to feel needed…this is your chance to bless those around you in that way. Hang in there!

  • mlearley

    Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear this about A. I hope the new prescription is helping. Is this still due to the tick bite? Those awful things! Accepting help is very hard but relax, take the helping hand and know that the next time someone around you needs help that you will be right there offering the helping hand. Try not to feel guilty but instead blessed that God has placed these people in your lives. HUGS!

  • There is no need for guilt here.

    1. You are focusing on your son and his needs. Check! That’s what moms do.

    2. You are accomplishing what you can in the time available. Check! That’s what busy people do!

    3. Someone wishes to lighten your load at a challenging time. Check! That’s what friends do!

    4. These events will not continue forever. Check! That’s how a Crisis goes!

    5. Someday you will in turn help someone else in Crisis. Check! That’s what good people do.

    6. When you look at the whole picture with a clear eye, you will be grateful for help not guilty. Check! That is how life is supposed to work!

    I hope your son’s health difficulties resolve quickly and positively.

  • Susan

    I hope you have other Moms/families who can help watch your daughters so you can focus on your son. I’m glad he’s feeling better. Did the tick bite cause this whole thing? Please try to get your own rest. A worn out Mom won’t be any good to any of the family.

  • What a rough week, I hope things start looking up soon. Accept all the help that is offered, it will make life easier.

  • Jennie

    Would you offer the same to your co-teacher? Why shouldn’t you accept if you’re willing to give? I’m sorry for the struggles. I pray God will give you the peace and comfort you need to accept more help you need in the future.

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