JL vs. The Spider

Wednesday is usually our story hour day. (It’s also our gymnastics day and our karate day, but I digress…)


We’re not going today. They have a couple weeks off over the holidays, but we’ll head back the first full week of January. When we go, I’ll be sure to take my nice, shiny new library bag.

I had one before, mind you. I’d been using it for months and months. The library gives them out for free and they’re nice and roomy and heavy-duty. Excellent. Every week, we dutifully loaded it up with the books we needed to return and then refilled it with newly checked-out materials.


Last week was no different. And, so, when we got to the library, G. and I took turns dropping books in the return slot, chatting quietly and happily back and forth. As luck would have it, I pulled out the last book. And, when I looked down, this is what I saw:

(visual approximation)

To my credit, I did NOT scream. (Full disclosure: I’m not a screamer. I may flinch and shudder and run away, but I don’t scream.) I also did not fling the bag across the room and flee the library. I did, however, throw it on the floor and proceed to stomp on it repeatedly until that spider was nothing but a mass of gooey guts inside the bag. Then I crumpled the whole mess up and threw it in the trash.


When we checked out our new books, the librarian asked if I needed a new bag. I explained what had happened, blushing a tad.


“Enough said. Totally understand. You have EARNED a new library bag, Mrs. S.” she said with a smile.


Trust me. I peer tentatively in that new bag EVERY day now, my friends. So far, it’s spidey-free. But if I find one?


Let the stomping dance commence.


How do you feel about spiders? Are you one of those logical folks who appreciates that they eat insects and weave beautiful webs? Or, like me, do you find them hideous, creepy creatures? (I find spiders creepier than both snakes and mice– mice don’t actually bother me much at all.)

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16 comments to JL vs. The Spider

  • Jennie

    I dislike them with a vengeance. My order of creepiness is spiders and swarms of anything.

  • I’ve lived a lot of my life at my parent’s house in a basement bedroom. I saw a LOT of spiders. I don’t love spiders but i’m not afraid of them either. My fears are snakes and mice. EW. thankfully we don’t see a lot of those around here.

  • Jessica

    I dislike spiders. I would rather fight a bear than to have a spider crawl on me. Im not sure why.

  • Amanda Wade

    I appreciate spiders and the usefulness and beauty they lend to the natural world, and I will not harm them…as long as they’re outside. As far as I’m concerned, that is the domain of every living creature, and we all have a right to it. However, in the home is MY domain, and sometimes I’ll put them outside, but mostly I kill them. Or my cats kill them. I’m not so much afraid of them anymore as I get startled and get scared because of that. It also depends on their size.

    If I were you, I’d have flung the bag and probably made some kind of blood-curdling noise lol

    • That big fat spider FREAKED me out, Amanda, but the good news was that he was IN the bag and the books were already out. So… I just dropped and stomped. :) I put up with spiders outside– that seems only fair. But I NEVER relocate them from inside to out. I’m just not that kind, I guess… SQUISH. ;)

  • How would you even contain a scream?? It’s just involuntary AND tossing the bag in hysteria whole drawing my limbs in close to my body….all involuntary.

    • You know… I’m just NOT a screamer. I gasp sometimes. And jump. But I don’t scream. As a result, I think, I can’t stand screamers. I won’t even go to concerts because I get SO angry at girls who SCREAM all the time. Ha!

  • mlearley

    Spiders freak me out a little but I have to be honest, bats, snakes and mice are way worse. About 3 months ago, we had a bat in our house for the first time ever. Oh how I screamed!!! We called parents to find out what to do, when their suggestions didn’t work we left it up to our friendly police department to come and dispose of the thing. For the next two weeks, every time I walked into a room I did a bat check…not kidding! Seriously would look every where that a bat could be hiding before staying in the room. My 3 yr old probably thought I was crazy!

    • Uh oh, you’re going to think I’m REALLY crazy… I love bats! I think they’re so cool. But I know lots of people who are totally freaked out by them, too. Before he got really sick and passed, my FIL was planning to help me build a bat house. :)

  • I’m not a screamer but I have let out a few blood curdling screams when spiders have been involved. I can handle a lot but NOT spiders. This summer we hade quarter sized spiders in the house. We did everything to kill them off but they just wouldn’t die. It was horrible! There were many days I went to take a shower and ended up going without because as I was getting in the shower I was greated but one of those big ol fat juicy ones. ICK! I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it again. lol

    • Oh, Elizabeth, just the THOUGHT makes me shiver! I once saw a special that said that brown recluse spiders like dark, warm places… like the folds of towels and robes. Ever since, I have to shake my towel like mad before I’ll use it after a shower. Thus far, no spiders have fallen out… but I’m taking no chances!!

  • Whyyyyy has no one mentioned cockroaches or PALMETTO BUGS (Google that one if you aren’t familiar with it)?????? I’m not afraid of any of the critters you mentioned, though I might gasp or flinch upon seeing them, mostly because I was startled by it. I’m also not a screamer, but have on one occasion (this past summer) screamed and jumped and flailed because a rather large cockroach FLEW ONTO ME! My mom was witness to that one and we were left in a crying ball of laughter once I rid myself of it!

    • You know, the only time I’ve ever seen a cockroach was in an apartment in Chicago when C. was having her eye surgery. We got back to the room and there were roaches climbing on my breast pump parts… GAG!!! We had palmetto bugs in Florida. I used to joke that they had to knock to get in the room because there’s no way it could fit under the door. ;)

  • I’m a gasper, a flincher, and a run away-er, but I don’t scream. My “fear” of all those things is mostly in the surprise factor. I don’t like mice running out from my laundry pile. Ick!

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