I Can’t Even Imagine

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May I be brutally honest for just a moment?


When things like the Sandy Hook tragedy happen, tons and tons of people all say the same thing:


I can’t even imagine.


And you know what? That’s probably one of the best, most honest things you can say. AS LONG AS YOU STOP THERE.


Please don’t go on…


Don’t add “… but I remember when my grandma died” or “… though I did have my two favorite hunting dogs get killed in a tragic accident” or…


well, anything, really.


There ARE individuals who have been through the same absolutely unfathomable level of atrocity. But, blessedly, they are exceedingly rare.


So, even though I know everyone’s desperate to understand, to empathize, to relate in some abstract way… just don’t.


I can’t even imagine.


And neither can you.

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