(There I am– all eyeballs, I know. All dressed up with someplace to go!)


We went out on Saturday night. It felt all kinds of weird and awful, to be honest, to be going to a Christmas party while our community reeled with the fresh grief over Friday’s shootings.


But we went.


I rocked this dress:

(I wore a blazer over it– this was a work party, after all.)


And I sipped a Grinch-tini that matched that mint dress perfectly.


All-in-all, it was pretty nice.


We nibbled appetizers and chatted over our before-dinner drinks. I re-met my husband’s boss and co-workers and explained what the heck it meant to be a blogger. All good.


And then the music started.



My ears! They were hurting!

My chest! It was pounding with the heavy bass of the music!

My brain! It couldn’t handle another verse of Gangnam Style!


Misery, I tell you.


We ducked out early. We couldn’t handle it.


I guess that’s what happens when you put two 36-year olds together at a noisy party…


We turn into one cranky 72-year-old.

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3 comments to 36+36=72

  • yeah I can see how the gangman style thing seems a little “young” for you to handle. Is your hubby the oldest employee???? I was under the impression that was a teenybopper thing. But I admit I’m fairly clueless about it! He/They sang during halftime and my husband had to tell me what was going on! ha haha!!

    • Oh, gosh, we were some of the youngest people at that party, by far. There were maybe 2 or 3 other people in their 30s there– everyone else was older. Honestly, we sat at the table with the “head honchos” of the company, and they weren’t enjoying it, either. There were multiple company parties at the same venue and I was kind of appalled at the number of 50+ people who were getting wild and crazy to these teen songs. Ah, well… whatever works for you, I guess! I’ll stick to being an old fogey. ;)

  • Can NOT handle loud music here! Can NOT handle loud tv, loud commercials, loud anything. (Except kids. I have a few loud kids… ;)

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