Three (Easy) Ways to Gift Your Husband

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I truly believe that most of us desire for our husbands to be happy. We appreciate them and love them and want them to know this.


I also know you’re tired. Maybe you’re living with tight finances. And then there are those little people who just seem to pop up and interrupt the best-laid plans. (And who also make scheduling a get-away nothing short of an Olympic event!)


So… yeah. There’s a real challenge there. Still, there are simple things we, as wives, can do that bring delight to the men we married– little things that require very little work or money, but speak volumes because they show that you GET him and that he MATTERS.


Watch something he likes– that you don’t.


Ideally, if we’re going to have some screen-time, we try to find something we both enjoy. For us? That’s frequently some disturbing crime drama or some over-the-top goofy comedy. These are tried-and-true and that’s great.


But you know what? It wouldn’t kill me to watch– oh, I don’t know– a kung fu movie or something. Honestly, there’s a show on this season that I find mind-numbingly stupid, but I watch it. You know why? Because my husband finds the monkey in it so funny it almost makes him cry. It’s worth a half hour of my time.


Being willing to watch something you don’t like, whether a movie, show, or sporting event, shows that his interests are worth your time. 


Leave a light on.


I know. Trust me, I know. Rare is the woman who thrills at the idea of 60 watts beaming down on her bare flesh.


But, in a show of great humor, God created men to LOVE to see that bared flesh. This creates a quandary.


Too often, I can slip into the mind-set that it’s good enough that he’s getting it– he shouldn’t need a spotlight, too. And, really, that’s fine. There’s absolutely no law that says you need to leave lights on all.the.time. (And I’m pretty sure we’ve already discussed the beauty of candles and dimmers, have we not?)


Leaving a light on every now and again shows that you can appreciate his appreciation of YOU, despite any insecurities you might have. 



Buy (or make) snacks he loves.


Listen. I am willing to come under fire for this one– I don’t even care. I feel so, so, SO strongly about this one:


Your husband is a grown-up.


It is wonderful to share things you’ve learned about health and nutrition. If you’re striving to make good changes in your family’s diets to improve their well-being? Well, go you! That’s fabulous. And if your man can’t get enough of your homemade wheat thins? Even better.


But maybe he wants some Doritos.


Letting your husband enjoy a snack he loves– without your judgment or criticism– shows that his happiness is important to you and that you trust his ability to make his own choices.



There are a lot of “how-to” lists out there that detail what all we should be doing as wives. Some of them? Are rather daunting. I find this wild because, truly, (*whispering*) most men are pretty simple.


Watch something he likes. Allow him to see your bod. Let him enjoy his snacks.


That’s my three-part equation to a pretty satisfied husband.

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