The Sun Sets Early

the view from my kitchen window


The sun sets early these days.


Even as we close the homework books and the clock barely passes 4:30 pm, I reach for the switch as the light grows dim.


I mourn the days when our hikes could go on past 6:30 in the evening with abundant sunbeams available to us. I reminisce about the evenings when we could frolic in our yard right up until it was time to collapse in beds. I miss seeing my husband stride up our brick walkway in the bright rays of sunshine.


Now I must remember to turn on the outdoor lights for him. I close the windows and doors against the sunset chill. I engage children in “indoor” activities as I prepare the evening meal.


There’s something comfy-cozy about these cool nights. Something about them that calls for cocoa, fleece blankets, and fresh-baked bread.


I love that part.


But there’s also the darkness. The time for reflection. And, as a result, the time to really, really consider where I’m at and how I’m doing. That can be a scary journey. The best journeys usually are scary.


Thanks for being willing to walk alongside me on this one.


How do you feel about the shortening days? Do you relish that coziness or long for the escape of summer?

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