Having a Safe Play-Date With Udi’s

We had the privilege of trying out Udi’s products before, if you recall. Last fall, I received a super fun package full of COOKIES. Really, who can argue with that??


This year, I was again given the opportunity to try out some of Udi’s products.


Our family has no dietary restrictions. We have no food allergies and no gluten sensitivities. Our youngest outgrew her lactose sensitivity, so we’re back to making our food choices based on our tastes and beliefs, rather than health-based limitations. Because of this, it might strike you as odd that I was so excited to go buy some gluten-free foods.


But, you see, while my children can all eat gluten with no ill effects, this is not the case for all children. And, as it turns out, one of G’s sweet little friends from our Moms’ Ministry group is on a gluten-free diet. After lots of testing and lots of trial and error, his mom found that this way of eating is so much better for his digestive system.

It was an absolute delight to be able to invite them over to our home and know that I had foods on hand that both our little ones would enjoy and that would be SAFE for him to eat! It was a joy to toast up Blueberry Oat muffin tops and watch the little ones chow down while we mommies chatted over our coffee. There was real freedom in not having to worry about them sharing food and, thus, possibly making our little friend sick.


A little while later, I tossed an Udi’s uncured Pepperoni Pizza in the oven. Again, we were all able to gather ’round my coffee table and nibble on tasty, melty pizza.

Our play-date guest needs to eat gluten-free for health reasons. His mommy? Needs to avoid nuts and soy. Little G. and I? Well, we can eat anything. What made having Udi’s products here so wonderful was that we could ALL enjoy them.


The muffin tops were moist and tasty. The pizza crust had a nice, crisp texture to it. Gluten-eaters though we are, we weren’t “suffering” in any way as we ate this food. And isn’t that kind of the point? Gluten-free food that tastes good even when compared with it’s traditional, gluten-filled counterparts?


We had tons of fun trying out some new-to-us products and it made me feel like a much better hostess to be able to serve yummy, universally enjoyed snacks that everyone could eat. I’ve found that our little friends with allergies or sensitivities generally come prepared with their own snacks– and that’s great– but it was so nice to feel like I could actually provide a safe snack.


I’m not sure that Udi’s products will become a regular feature for my family when it’s just US. They’re tasty, but I enjoy baking my own breads and muffins and will certainly continue to. I love knowing that I have an easy, tasty option for times when friends or family who can’t tolerate gluten are visiting, though.


Disclosure: Udi’s provided me with coupons to purchase several of their products in exchange for my honest feedback.
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2 comments to Having a Safe Play-Date With Udi’s

  • Sonja

    Thanks for the review. My family does not have any food allergies. However, my brother & family are coming for Christmas, and they all have different dietary restrictions, gluten being the most commonly shared. I would like to have a few things that all the kids could eat & enjoy without singling anyone out. Will check this out!

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