Gratuitous Halloween Pics

I figured I’d just keep it totally real in the title.


Without getting into a huge theological discussion about it, I will just say that, YES, we “do” Halloween. By that, I mean, my kids wear cute costumes and we visit our neighbors. They “ooh” and “ahh” over how sweet they are and give them candy. It’s really rather fun and non-evil, but, anyway…

A bag of chocolate chips. Seriously. What could be sweeter??

She’s supposed to be a ballerina, but she’s channelling inner super hero here, I think…

I typically hate clowns. But not this one!

I love this shot just because A. almost always defaults to smiling down at his baby sis in pictures… it just makes me grin.

Six going on sixteen. I feel teen angst radiating in this shot…

G. manages to look like she’s up to something more often than not!

My sweethearts.

Mine are most certainly not the only Halloween cutie pies out there! I would LOVE if you would leave links in the comments to any posts you may have published with shots of your costumed kiddos. It would make my day to pop in and see them.

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