Elections, Backpacks, and Messes

So… does everyone want to hear my two cents about the election yesterday? No?


Good. Because I, for one, am getting enough of that on Facebook and Twitter. I’ll keep it real and just say exactly what I posted on FB this morning:


Hey– guess what?!? A strong, intelligent man who loves America was elected last night! :)

Oh, wait… that would have happened no matter what. Let’s not forget that part.


So, that’s that.


Moving on! Rather than talk about politics, let’s talk about backpack clutter, shall we? Because that’s one mess we have to deal with more than once every four years. ;)


…most parents understand going into the year that there will be lots of pieces of paper coming home from the school.

What you might not anticipate are all the other little clutter-y doo-dads that make their way home in your children’s backpacks. It’s not just worksheets, artwork, and school correspondance that threatens to overtake your home… there are other treasures that seem to multiply from week-to-week, too!

Here are some suggestions for how to manage the seemingly inevitable pieces of junk, er, I mean treasures that come home with our beloved children…


Read the rest over at Life as MOM!

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