A Trashy Knock-Off (Reflected in You)– review

So, I about had a panic attack when I saw that the latest book I read for BlogHer’s book club, Reflected in You, also had that “mature audience” warning slapped on it. Oh, dear. We all know how well that worked out for me last time, with the gouging of eyeballs and all. 


On the plus side,  I can tell you all that I read this book without any nervous fits, tears, or overwrought emotions. It is, purely and truly, outlandish fiction that didn’t really worry or alarm me in any way.


I was actually pretty excited when I saw it had been dedicated to Nora Roberts. I’ve enjoyed escaping with Nora Roberts’ novels for many years now. I took it as a good sign that the author of Reflected in You, Sylvia Day, also seemed to admire Roberts’ work.


My enthusiasm quickly plummeted as I started to read, however. Honestly? There is SO much in this book that appears to be just a flat-out rip-off of the characters in J. D. Robb’s (<– Nora Roberts’ pseudonym) “In Death” series. From the main female characters’ name (Eva vs. Eve) to the description of the hero (powerful mogul with longish black hair and piercing blue eyes), the “similarities” are uncanny. The heros are even given the same nickname, Ace.


At first, I thought perhaps I was just imagining all this… that I was looking for things to complain about. But Day herself acknowledges the connection. “… I perused the bookshelves in the living room, smiling when I came across the first book in the series I’d told him about, the one where’d I’d (sic) picked up his nickname, ace.” pg. 198


So, yeah. That felt like a cheap rip-off to me. What’s more, this novel didn’t measure up to the works of Roberts in my opinion. The story lacked quality and depth. Basically, these are characters that are SO over-the-top, they are unrelatable. The book is chock-full of gratuitous (and ridiculously unrealistic) sex.


While this book didn’t shake and upset me like Diary of a Submissive, it most certainly caused me to roll my eyes and wonder, “Really? This AGAIN?” as I turned the pages.


Suffice it to say I am confident this is NOT my genre, friends.


On a happier note, I have discovered, thanks to my reading of Matched, that I am actually a huge fan of dystopic fiction and I’m having lots of fun delving into that one. So, hey, that’s something, right? :)


This is a paid review for BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are, as always, my own.
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7 comments to A Trashy Knock-Off (Reflected in You)– review

  • earleyml

    Thanks again for the review on Matched! I just finished Crossed on Friday b/c I couldn’t put it down. I thought it was even better than Matched. The dystopic fiction is very fasinating and really makes you think. How far off is that society for today? With all the iPads, Kindles, etc are our children really going to NEED to know how to write or just use their fingers? I already have my name on the waiting list for the last book in the triology that comes out on Nov. 13th. I can’t wait to see how this whole thing ends! Who do you want to see Cassia with…Xander or Ky? I’m leaning towards Xander but I think it’s partically due to my daughter’s name…Alexandra.

    • I find the ideas presented in dystopic fiction chilling and fascinating and creepy… without being gory or violent. I’m already on the wait list for “Reached”, too! :) I think I’m also leaning toward Xander, because he seems very solid and steady. I’d like to actually get to know his character more, though… hoping that happens in the third one! (I’m currently reading “Delirium”, by Lauren Oliver. It is also very good– I already checked out the next one, “Pandemonium”, for when I finish it!)

      • earleyml

        Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll check those out after I read “Reached” since I’d like to see how this series ends before picking up another. You should have a bookclub blog!

      • mlearley

        Just got notice that my copy of Reached is available for pick up!!! So excited to find out how it ends. Plus perfect timing for my 4 hr car ride to the in-laws tomorrow.

  • Jennifer

    I read (devoured) Matched and Crossed after your review – any other dystopic novels you recommend? I loved the Hunger Games of course, and Divergent and Insurgent (waiting for the third one)…

    I think Xander is safer but Ky sure sounds fun. ;)

    • I’m probably picking Xander because I have daughters now… for me? It’d have probably been Ky. ;)

      I’m reading “Delirium” by Lauren Oliver right now and it’s very good! It, too, is part of a series (a trilogy, I think?), and I’ll read “Pandemonium” next. You might look into those!

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