Well, Nobody’s Perfect…

My oldest, and only son, is a pretty nifty little guy, if I do say so myself. Tall, rangy, smart, and– above all that– kind and compassionate, he’ll make a great catch someday. Assuming, of course, that he doesn’t change too much. ;)


His teacher called my attention to the “All About Me” posters the children had made. A warmth came into her eyes as she described how amazingly loving he is. It was a sweet moment.


And, really, who wouldn’t love this kid?

He’s seven-years-old. He adores penguins, and has since he was only two.


Like so many little boys, blue is his favorite color. His favorite food? Salad. His cardiologist thinks that’s fantastic.


Aw, look at us. His little sisters are outfitted in their favorite colors and I, apparently, am very excited. Just look at the air I’m getting! (For the record, though A. is indeed super-duper tall, I’m still taller than him. Don’t let this picture fool you. Just sayin’.)


Awesome! That’s a great goal. We won’t talk about what’s happened to the space program and all that…


His fave place? An amusement park he’s been to twice. The first time, he received the karate Student of the Year award and the second was a special day with just Daddy. Not surprising that this place holds fond memories for him.


Does that not make a mama’s heart sing? Yep. Enough said.


And then, at the very bottom…


Well, I guess nobody’s perfect…

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6 comments to Well, Nobody’s Perfect…

  • earleyml

    HA! That’s awesome. Maybe he wants lots and lots of money to help those who don’t have much? He sounds like such a neat kid. My daughter who is 3, 4 in December had to fill out one of these for the first time at daycare. Hers cracked us up b/c it was so not true or she heard answers from other kids. Her favorite food: pickles…yeah she likes them but doesn’t eat them that often. Her favorite place to visit: the beach…she was there once when she was 18 months old, pretty sure she doesn’t remember it. Job: Professional Easter Egg hunter…what?!? She always says ballerina. So funny what these kids come up with!

  • Oh my goodness, JessieLeigh, this post made my entire day! Bwahahahaha :P. I saw a pin on Pinterest about all the funny things kids have put on school papers, some were quite hilarious. (Makes me kinda afraid what my daughter will have to say ;) ).He has just the most precious heart, I can tell.

  • Maybe he has very big altruistic plans for all that money!!

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