True Love

This is all I had left in my book when my husband came to bed last night.


It’s a fantastic book.


I’m devouring it.


It’s the second in a series and I am DYING to know how it ends.


Less. Than. Ten. Pages.


And you know what I did?


I marked my page and put it on the nightstand. I turned my attention to him.


And I made sure to tell him that that, right there… that’s true love.

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8 comments to True Love

  • earleyml

    Is it the second book in the Matched series? I decided to pick Matched up from the library based on your blog about it. I’m only about a third of the way through and it’s pretty interesting. Kind of the same ideas as the Hunger Games but without the violence. I’m going to recommend it to some middle school age girls that I mentor at church. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • It is! Well, WAS. ;) “Crossed” is the title. The third (and final) book in the trilogy is due out either this month or next. I’m looking forward to it! I appreciated the lack of violence or sexuality in the books– helped keep the focus on the actual STORY, I thought.

  • Susan

    Which book were you reading? My son is devouring the brand new 8th book in the Percy Jackson series. He reads it every spare second he has.

    • The book was “Crossed”, which is the second of a trilogy by Allyson Conde. I reviewed the first in the series a couple weeks ago here. It was called “Matched.” Technically in the YA genre, but really captivating!

  • Sarah Fallow

    I borrowed the first book from the e-library after reading your blog. Loved it! Read it and the second book in under a week. Can’t wait for the 3rd! Thanks for the reccommendation.

  • You should reiterate that to your hubby and make sure he appreciates the magnitude of your sacrifice. My husband got a “Could you PUH-LEAZE just be quiet for 10 minutes and let me finish this book!!!!!” from me because apparently I am a big ole meanie! So your man needs to really understand you are a magnificent wife!;)

  • Tiffany R

    This post encouraged me to put down my book last night and give my husband some attention too. I am so glad that I did, he is totally worth it and the book was waiting for me the next day. Thanks!

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