Never Say Never

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[This post deals with a specific, hurtful experience I went through. It can, however, be applied to innumerable situations. I hope it will help remind me, too, that we should be very hesitant to make blanket statements.]


“I would NEVER give my child antibiotics.”


The remark, delivered with a subtle air of superiority, made my stomach plummet. All of a sudden, there I was, on-the-spot and, inexplicably, feeling like I needed to defend myself.


Four weeks of antibiotics IS a lot. I get that. And, trust me, I certainly didn’t go to the doctor LOOKING for a prescription. I wasn’t hoping that we’d be getting seemingly endless bottles of amoxicillin filled.


Antibiotics are over-prescribed, there is no doubt. Most notably, they’re too often prescribed for infections that are, in fact, viral, rendering this type of medication utterly useless. I get that.


There are also plenty of infections that are bacterial in nature, like mild ear or sinus infections, that will go away on their own or can be managed through alternative, natural means.


I really do understand the reluctance to put our kids on antibiotics.


But, please. Don’t tell me “never.” Don’t sneer at me like I’m the mom who is too clueless to understand the dangers of overuse of antibiotics. Don’t treat me like I’m not wise enough to find an “alternate cure.”


I mentioned it before here. Now I’m wishing I had had the presence of mind to make this perfectly clear to the oh-so-pure mama who made me feel like dirt…


The option was: antibiotics or pacemaker.


Tell me again how you’d “never give your child antibiotics.”

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11 comments to Never Say Never

  • Michy

    Seriously? That sickened me to read…
    With deep heartfelt prayer to God, in thanking HIm that you even had an option…and A has you as a mom who would search to the ends of the Earth for her loves,her children. Prayers for all our hearts to be softened towards respecting each other as parents…
    :) hug dear friend

  • ((hugs)) I’m so sorry that happened to you. Thanks for the reminder not to judge others choices about these things.

  • Celine

    ((hugs)). I am so sorry that you had to hear those kinds of words in condemnation during this difficult time. Know always that it you are making the right choices for your child and family regardless of what someone else might say.

    I try really hard to choose my words carefully when I don’t agree with / do what someone else is doing. Also it is so hard to make a claim that you won’t do something because you aren’t in that kind of a situation.

  • Carrie

    Antibiotics saved my child’s life at just 7 weeks old… just sayin!

  • Susan

    I’m sorry that person was so mean to you. If your child needs any kind of medication, THEY NEED IT! I hate when people treat me like I’m a clueless female. Yesterday, it was the guy from Charles Schwab…

  • Ugh. People can be so heartless. I’m so sorry you’ve had to hear ugly things like this.

    We are VERY conservative with our antibiotic use (actually, we’re very conservative with our doctor visits, too…), but antibiotics saved my now 6 year old’s life when he was just 5 weeks old and had a bacterial infection. And IV antibiotics saved my daughter’s (she’s 4 now) right kidney from severe damage when she was 16 months old.

    Are antibiotics over prescribed? Absolutely. Are some parents uneducated and just willy-nilly follow whatever the doctor suggests? Sure. But, you know what? Even those parents are probably doing the best THEY know how. Are all parents/doctors like that? NO and for someone to assume that YOU aren’t doing what YOU think is right for YOUR children is simply absurd, heartless, and judgmental.

  • FYI: When my dad got his pacemaker he was on 6 weeks of hardcore antibiotics. AND He had to take other meds to offset the ill effects of the antibiotics. So that lady was a twit who clearly has led a blissful life absent hard medical issues. Hooray for her.

  • Laraba

    Wow, the person who told you that probably doesn’t study history much! Back in the days before AB, people died in droves, in hundreds, thousands, and millions from bacterial diseases and wounds that now are treated safely and effectively with antibiotics. Yes, they can be overprescribed but I’d hate to be back in the days before they were discovered. Imagine watching your child experience serious permanent injury from strep throat or some other bacterial infection.

    I definitely appreciate antibiotics!

  • TracyDK

    I have had something similar said to us. My son has asthma so ANYTIME he gets sick it will settle in his lungs. EVERY.TIME. So, when we go to the doctor after an asthma attack (he’ll get sick soon after), we generally get him checked over and then get a prescription for antibiotics to be filled 10 days later if he’s not better. That is because he’s prone to secondary bacterial infections. This last time, he has been sick for OVER a month before his doctor would prescribe an antibiotic. And I’m glad to give them to him. It’s because we’ve DONE all the alternatives and they aren’t working.

    I do think that not relying on drugs is a good thing to start off with. But I’m eternally grateful for Louis Pasteur!

  • {banging my head against a wall} Really?????!!!!!! (can you tell I have no words?!) I do have one thing to add. I’m a “never say never OR always” girl. ;) (PS – I know you are, too.)

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