Help Me Fix or Hide My Wrinkly Forehead

So, I started noticing them maybe about a year ago…


the fine lines across my forehead.


I don’t really have any wrinkly business going on by my eyes or my mouth, despite my failure to use any super duper products. That’s good, I guess.


But my forehead… ugh.

At rest, they’re unnoticeable. But, if I raise my eyebrows at all? Good gravy.

A couple weeks ago, my lovely youngest child happily chirped, “Mommy! You have stripes!”




So… what to do? Throw in the towel, figuring it’s an inevitable side effect of a life well-lived? Invest in better products that promise to fix the problem? Save up for collagen shots? (I KID. That one will NOT be happening.) Or… (gulp)… consider bangs?


I don’t know. I have a short oval face, they tell me. People think oval faces are fabulous and say you can “do and wear anything you want!” That’s bull. Not everything looks good on ANYONE.




Thoughts or ideas? Any product recommendations? Style suggestions?


I’m all ears. Or, in this case, I’m all wrinkly forehead. Sigh.

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10 comments to Help Me Fix or Hide My Wrinkly Forehead

  • Laraba

    Sorry, no ideas here. I just turned 43 and I am just accepting that I’m aging and wrinkles are part of the package. I am not saying that’s the right answer, just where I am at.

    You look wonderful so if I were you, I would TRY not to worry about it :-).

  • I’m growing bangs for that very reason. I’m not sure though how to hide the wrinkles around my mouth – facial hair just won’t work!

  • Nichol Mattson

    I think you look great. If they are not noticeable “at rest,” then they are NOT wrinkles. Everyone has them when eyebrows are raised!

    • Thank you, Nichol! You know, I checked out the foreheads of some truly LOVELY ladies at the conference this past weekend (some of whom are younger than me) and I realized this is not something unique to me. I may to just stop worrying about it. :)

  • I had that deep crevice between the eyebrows. You know the one that says “wow you’re so stupid why do I have to deal with you?” So I became a stay at home mom and ceased to deal with morons 40 hours a week which likely helped. BUT while I was still working I started using Lancome High Resolution with collaser 48 deep collagen wrinkle treatment. I think it worked. It’s worth a try.

  • Nicole

    Face framing layers with wispy side bangs or bangs that hit at your eyebrows and taper to blend in with the face framing layers. No layers anywhere else. No one believes that I am 40 with this hairstyle! It is easy to maintain and u can wear it curly or straight. Because this hairstyle will bring even more attention to your eyes, try a lipgloss or balm in a shade or two darker than your natural lip color. This way, your lips won’t compete with your eyes.

  • I must tell you that your forehead doesn’t look bad at all. My opinion my not matter but I must point out the fact that you look great! Don’t worry let God do HIs work. You are fine.

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