Ask me about Allume!

(Mary, Amanda, and me)

I had pondered doing a “Top Ten Moments of Allume” sort of post… but I know that I would definitely miss something or leave someone out and feel horrible.


I thought about a “Reflections on Allume” sort of post… but there are oodles of those out there and I’m not sure I have anything earth-shattering to add.


So, sweet friends, I figured I’d just ask you:


What do you want to know? What can I tell you about Allume?


From the profound (“Did you find the ability to transcend denomination lines and connect in worship?”) to the mundane (“How was the food??), I’m happy to answer them all.


Story-telling, anecdotal writer that I am, I’m inclined to share the little moments that bring people to life. Like… did you know Amanda and I are both doodlers? Or that EE and I wore the same shade of nail polish? Or that I drove Tara‘s car (for all of about eight feet)?


Those are things you’d have NO way of knowing, most likely, unless I told you. But that doesn’t mean you’re interested in them!


So… hit me up with your burning questions. Whatever you want to know. I’ll answer them, we’ll talk about it, and then we’ll move on. Because… can I be honest? I always hated reading endless recap posts in the days and weeks following a conference. It left me feeling left out and/or bored– and I don’t want either of those for you!


So let’s do this.

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12 comments to Ask me about Allume!

  • earleyml

    I too went to a Liberal Arts college where many different dominations were represented. Could you tell me more about how your college was with this? I read your previous post and I have to admit that until I went to college I was kind of like your roomate, grew up believing that only my domination was the right one. However, after attending college where so many different dominations were present and seeing how others were so strong in their walk with Christ made me feel totally different about how I was raised. We had chapel twice a week and they tried to introduce us to different types of worship. I really appreciated that they wanted to expose us to how others worship.

    • My college, honestly, was a giant melting pot of people and there were probably more NON-Christians than Christians there, despite the Christian affiliation. Our campus chaplain (Presbyterian) was fantastic– he’s the one who paved the way to introduce a Catholic mass on campus. The absolute truth is that I never, ever was told nor believed that any other Christian faith was “less” than mine. I’m going to have to chalk that up to my parents and good priests, I guess. I didn’t even know that there were people out there who did feel that way until college! So, sadly, rather than open my mind, college revealed prejudice to me that I had been unaware of prior to going there. But it’s all good– that’s how we learn and grow, right? :)

      • earleyml

        I can’t say I was “taught” to believe that…maybe it was just one of those things that as a young child you think yours is right and not until you are out of your comfort zone you look at things differently?!? Not sure why I felt that way before college to be completely honest with you and I never would’ve said what your roommate said.

  • Did you go to allume more for meeting people or for the speakers?
    Did the bloggers you meet seem like how you thought they would, like they represented on their blog?
    What was the best part of the conference?
    What did your family do in the meantime and how awesome is it that they got to come with you ;)?

    • Hey, thanks for asking me some questions, Miranda! :)
      1) I went, more than anything, to experience a blogging conference– and everything that involves. I learned that I am NOT a superb network-er because I am, in no way, assertive. I am unable to be pushy or sell myself and, so, I have to rely on just making friends. I’m okay with that.
      2) The bloggers all seemed EXACTLY how I expected them to be, for better and worse ;), and I thought that was awesome! That means that people are authentic, whether we agree on things or not.
      3) Oh, I hesitate to answer this because I always fear leaving someone out. I’m going to say that the best part, perhaps because it was an unexpected joy, was having breakfast with Elizabeth Esther. That breakfast was full of laughter and openness and it was just FUN. That’s also the breakfast when ProBlogger spoke and I, in my sappiness, sniffled my way through it.
      4) My family was BUSY. They did a chocolate tour, rode a trolley, went outlet shopping, toured the capital, went to a museum, walked down to a pita shop, went out to Texas Roadhouse, etc. They had fun! And it was fabulous to come back each evening to my sleeping children and whisper with my hubby until we fell asleep.

  • earleyml

    Ok, for some reason I thought Allume was the name of your college…silly me. Anyway, I looked it up and your conference was literally 15 minutes from where I live! Too bad I didn’t know this before, we could’ve tried to meet up for coffee or something. This was a crazy weekend for us though too, daugther #2 first birthday party so tons of family in town. So what did you think of Hburg, PA?

    • Oh, man! I would have LOVED to meet up with you! And I even had some downtime in the afternoons. As far as Harrisburg, I honestly only walked around downtown ONCE. (Shameful, I know!) I enjoyed it, though! My hubby and kids had a blast, however, and that’s a lot more telling since they spent 2 1/2 full days exploring all around! :)

      • earleyml

        I’m glad your family had fun. Sounds like they went to Hershey Chocolate World? My 3 yr old loves the ride for the plant tour! Those outlets are great too! You guys should come back in the spring/summer and check out the amusement park…it’s got a water park and your typical rides. This area is great for tons of things to do with the family.

  • JC

    I was wondering if you could tell exactly what the Allume conference is?

  • “That’s also the breakfast when ProBlogger spoke and I, in my sappiness, sniffled my way through it.” What?! I knew about breakfast. I did NOT know about the sap. Do tell.

    • I sat next to ProBlogger at dinner one night. The breakfast was his keynote address and he told the story about a little girl in a fairy princess dress eating chocolate mud cake in a bakery. It just GOT to me and I spent a lot of time swiping at tears. :)

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