10 Ways I’m Totally Out-of-Touch

I don’t claim to be hip or with the times. (The fact that I just used the word “hip” in a sentence should be a clear indicator of this fact.) Fortunately, my kids are young and kind enough to never comment on this trait.


Nonetheless, for your amusement, here are ten ways I’m totally out-dated and out-of-touch with the times…


  1. I’ve still not heard that song (?) “Gangnam Style”. I have no clue what that’s even about. I hear there are spoofs? I don’t even know. I’d have no clue what I’m supposed to be listening for.
  2. I don’t own an infinity scarf. Or one of those bubble necklace things. I still wear an emerald cross or some other gemstone on a metal chain most days– I think that might be old-fashioned.
  3. I don’t own– and have never owned– jeggings.
  4. I don’t know how to do a sock bun. (<– this one actually makes me kind of sad– anyone want to teach me?)
  5. I still wear clothing I’ve had since college. And I’m 36. See those boots up there? Those are over ten years old… and I have other things that are even older.
  6. I have a land-line. Okay, it’s actually one of those voice over internet doo-dads, but it’s not a cell phone. And I can’t imagine giving it up.
  7. Speaking of cell phones, I don’t have a smart phone. Or even a touch pad. I have a dinosaur of a phone that can survive small explosions and will get me help in an emergency. Good enough.
  8. I don’t know how to use GPS. I tried– once. I wound up so lost, I stopped at a police station and cried until a nice cop told me how to get to the dentist. True story.
  9. I know nothing– NOTHING, I tell you– about who’s dating who in Hollywood. I might be the least star-struck person you know. I think someone mentioned that Chris Brown wasn’t a real nice guy? That’s about all I know.
  10. And, finally…. I’ve never sent a text. Never. I *have* received a couple. (And I grumble every.single.time because I have to pay for those things!) But I’ve never sent one.


Dinosaur, I know.


Any of those surprise you? Are there any ways YOU consider yourself out-of-touch? Do share! It feels kind of good. :)



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14 comments to 10 Ways I’m Totally Out-of-Touch

  • earleyml

    WOW! We have a lot in common. There were only a few that are different, the land line, sent a text and I know a little about Hollywood stars. Other than that, yep I’m pretty much not hip either. My co-workers harrass me b/c I don’t use GPS…I print directions from mapquest. My cell phone pretty much receives phone calls and texts, which I don’t send very often and when I do, all I think about is “please don’t text back OK! b/c I’m going to have to pay $0.25 for that!!” I think another way we aren’t hip is we still own and use a VCR, no DVR for us.

    • We have a VCR too! I don’t think we tape things on it, though. I can’t remember the last time I recorded something. Maybe the fact that I care so little about shows makes me a dinosaur too? ;) [I am the SAME way about the texts. We have doctor's offices around here that have taken to sending text reminders for appointments and I'm like NOOOOOOO!!! Please! Stop it!]

  • Jennie

    Other than texting and GPS we have similar dinosaurish lives. I have no idea who the lastest pop music people are, who’s on any of the reality shows, we don’t have and hd tv, we just got cable back after a year off ( wasn’t saving us money which is why we turned it off), I don’t use twitter.

  • This list doesn’t shock me quite so much since I fit into half of them (#’s 1, 3, 4, 6 and 9). We do have smart phones, but have just this week passed our 1 year mark with them. Prior to that I had never had anything remotely close to a smart phone!

    We’ve had a GPS for a few years because, when we got it I was traveling cross-country with the 3 kids all by myself quite frequently. It’s a lot easier to search for a specific restaurant, rest area or type of gas station with a GPS, than it is to try driving until you find an acceptable one!! I’m not directionally challenged, but I have to say, it has helped me on more than one occasion when I needed to find somewhere in our new city (before our smart phones) and didn’t know how to get there from where I already was!

    I own 1 infinity scarf because I saw it and liked it. At the time I had no idea it was popular or what it was even called!

    I live under a rock and I’m OK with that!!!

    • I don’t drive any more than I absolutely HAVE to. ;) The GPS issue wasn’t actually my fault. Apparently, when my husband programmed the destination for me (’cause, yeah, I’m THAT girl), he didn’t specify E or W. So the silly thing kept telling me I’d arrived at my destination when I was in the middle of nowhere. Totally stressed me out.

  • sonja

    Ok, so in some ways, I guess I’m more of a dinosaur than you are. Although I didn’t even realize that until I read this post. Oh well! Other than 7 & 10, I’m right there with ya. I do have a smart phone (otherwise I wouldn’t be able to read your posts) but it’s definitely not fancy. Texts are how I keep in touch with my family-most of them live on the East Coast. No tv or cable here…we watch winnie the pooh dvds through the xbox my brother gave us (hooked up to a 17 inch computer monitor!)
    What is an infinity scarf anyway?

    • We have a TV, but no cable or Dish or any of that. And, since we live in the mountains of CT, we do not get any local channels, either. We do have Netflix, however, and can stream some things from the computer. Somehow, I just forgot about our whole “no cable” thing! :) (An infinity scarf is a scarf in the shape of a big loop. There are various ways to twist and loop it to make it look cool. The only scarves *I* own are the winter variety. ;))

  • I don’t have a smart phone, either. I’m kind of irritated because the ad network I work with is starting to REQUIRE instagram usage for a lot of campaigns. Um, thanks?

    The only reason I would want one is so I don’t have to go to the bank to deposit my checks. ;)

    We only have texting because we went on my parents’ cell phone plan. My mom was like, “Dude, PLEASE start texting.” Yeah. My mom.

  • Annette k.

    Feeling you. I don’t even know who Chris Brown is, and clueless what song you are talking about. I just bought two pair of very comfy leggings though. I have recently made myself part with several still good, and well-liked clothes that hit at least ten years old.

  • Wow I’m so offended you think I’m an un-hip square. ;) I do have a real landline unlike your super hip over the internet kind. I also pay per text and have a fit every time I get a “no problem” or “ok” text. grrr..though I’ve sent a handful here and there as necessary. Mostly when I don’t want to waste time on the phone talking. I do read Entertainment Weekly, so I am somewhat aware of what the hollywood folks are up to. I admit if we weren’t so darn cheap we’d jump on the smart phone bandwagon, but we still use dummies…and my husband can’t have a camera phone at work.

  • I’m embarrassed to be so “hip” according to your list ;). LOL! Ever since I worked at a grocery store, I’ve been kind of obsessed with Hollywood. Instead of reading the trashy magazines, now I love to look up what celebs are doing online & on twitter. I’m blushing to admit that, haha! Don’t have a landline, LOVE my smartphone, love to text, and when we are in the city – couldn’t live without the gps. Good thing you and I still get along even though we are so different ;). Teehee.

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