10 Times You Should Drink a Glass of Water

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I’m not a BAD water drinker, per se. I’m also not stellar. And, honestly, I have no real desire to become that girl carrying around the omnipresent Super-Ginormo-Big-Gulp cup just to ensure I’m drinking oodles of the H2O.


Still… it’s important. Drinking water throughout your whole day is a good bet. But, just in case you need some specifics (I’m the kind of girl who LIKES specifics), here are ten times you should definitely grab a glass of agua and chug it on down…


  1. You just woke up. I know, I know. A cup of coffee or tea probably sounds better. And, trust me, I reach for the java, too. But, before you do that, drink a full glass of water. It gets you started on the right foot.
  2. You’ve had a couple cups of that coffee already. I drink a LOT of coffee. And that’s fine, really. But it’s important that, in between, I toss back some plain old water. It keeps my system hydrated and on a more even keel.
  3. You’re eating. Some people naturally drink with each bite. Others can eat a whole meal without feeling the need to sip. Either way, by the time the meal is over, you should have consumed a glass of water. It helps with digestion and all that good stuff.
  4. You’re hungry. I’m sure you’ve heard this before– a large percentage of the times we feel hungry, it’s actually thirst that motivates us to seek something out. Drink some water first, then eat a snack or meal if the hungry feelings persist.
  5. You’re thirsty. Drink some water– stat! Thirst is a very late indicator, actually, and many experts say you’re already dehydrated by the time you feel thirsty.
  6. You’re tired. Fatigue and “dragging” can be a fairly early sign of dehydration. Grab a tall glass of icy water (lemon or mint make it even more energizing for some people) and swig it down. Can’t hurt!
  7. You’re hot. Again, drinking water is a key part of regulating your body temperature and feeling comfortable.
  8. You’re sweating. Whether you’re exercising or just really darn hot, you need to replace the moisture that’s lost.
  9. You’re cold. Did you realize that you don’t HAVE to drink your water cold? Warm or hot water is still good for your body and can warm you from the inside out. A wedge of lemon or orange can help it taste more special.
  10. You’re speaking. Or singing. It doesn’t take long for an active throat to get parched. If you’re going to be doing a lot of talking or singing, be sure to keep water handy.
  11. (and a bonus one!) You’re going to bed. Right before you turn off the bedside lamp, drink a glass of water. Do you risk having to get up in the night to use the bathroom? Perhaps. But all kinds of wonderful healing and recuperation is happening while you sleep. Your body can do that more efficiently if it’s hydrated!


So, there you go. Drinking water is critical to your health. It is, truly, the very best hydrator out there, bar none. This list? Is far from exhaustive. I didn’t even mention how important it is when you’re sick (says the girl currently fighting the sniffles.) Or when you’re pregnant. Or nursing.


See? Suffice it to say– if you find yourself feeling even a little “off”? I recommend you reach for a glass of water.


Drink up!



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