“My Story… ” Monday: G — My Clone

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[I'm going to keep this short and sweet today. I'm really, really tired, to be honest. We're awaiting some test results for our oldest (that'd be A.) and I haven't slept well. Please bear with me! :)]


When our son was born, everyone said he looked like Daddy. His thick dark hair had something to do with that, I’m sure, and people seemed only too willing to overlook the blue eyes that had most certainly come from ME.


Our second child looks like her daddy. Her face shape, chin, the set of her eyes… it’s all from my husband. Her eyes, too, are blue, but they’re about the darkest blue you’d ever see and actually look brown in photographs.


I spent years hearing this:


“Man, did you have anything to do with these children???”


Um… YES. Yes, I did.


Still, all I ever heard was how much they resembled my husband. Obviously, I find the man attractive, so this is not a bad thing, per se. It was just kind of annoying to never get any credit for these cutie patooties we’d made.


All that changed with G.


No one has ever asked me if I had anything to with this one. ;)

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5 comments to “My Story… ” Monday: G — My Clone

  • Pagan

    I have a feeling I will get this A LOT once my husband and I start having kids. It’s even something I’ve worried about because I don’t want a stranger to think I’ve absconded with someone else’s children. See, I have fair skin, blonde hair, and green eyes. He has dark skin (his family is from Mexico), black hair, and brown eyes. He doesn’t think it’ll be a big deal, but I don’t know.

    I have to ask, how does your husband feel about the comments people make?

    • You know, I think he thought it was kind of FUNNY when people would give me no credit for the first two– but in a good-natured way. He is also happily surprised that my blue eyes somehow triumphed three times out of three; well before we ever had children, he remarked that he hoped my eyes got passed down. Our situation is a little different in that he and I are both fair-skinned, but we have VERY different hair/eye colors. Honestly, I think most people in most areas of this country don’t really flinch at seeing children who don’t closely resemble one or even both parents. And those who do? Well, I’d say that’s their problem. I’ll bet your children will be beautiful!!

  • ha ha!! Are you sure it’s not the same baby!?!

  • Oh my goodness gracious, I laughed out loud. TWINS, you are!

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