Going Over to the Dark Side (with Nice ‘n Easy)

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When Vocalpoint offered me the chance to try new Nice ‘n Easy Non-Permanent, I had two thoughts, really: 1) that sounds fun and 2) cool– I won’t have to buy my own hair color this go around.


Just being honest.


What I never bothered researching, I guess, were the color offerings. So, when I set off to the store one evening (by myself!!), I perused the shelves and became increasingly alarmed. “Oh man,” I thought, “I picked the store that doesn’t have any of the light shades in stock!”


But then I started counting. Hmm. Indeed, my store had all 12 shades on the shelf. Every last one. It’s just that the very, very lightest one they offered was “Dark Blonde” which anyone who has ever colored her hair knows is really “brown.”


This is the color hair I went into this with:

I used the product and it was easy enough. Quick– only fifteen minutes. It also wasn’t too stinky since there’s no ammonia involved. And the conditioner, like most hair color conditioners, was rich and indulgent.


This is how I looked after:

Trying to smile:

Exploring the “I’m a dancer” look (with my buddy in the background– see her?):

Okay, closer to a real smile…

So… yeah.


It’s kinda dark for me.


It’ll be fine. Fall’s right around the corner. And, also? It’s semi-permanent and will wash out and fade within a month or two. Honestly, I’m guessing I’ll really like it once it’s been washed just a few times. More of the gold will peek through and it won’t look so “blah” to me then.


And also? It’s just hair. :)


Let me have it– what do you think? What color should I try next? My three-year-old is suggesting purple…


Disclosure: I was provided with a coupon for free product through Vocalpoint, but received no additional compensation. All opinions are, most certainly, my own.


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