Are honesty and vulnerability the same?

I read.


A lot.


Well, I should probably rephrase that. I read a lot compared to the average person. I don’t blow through four to five books a week the way some people do. And I certainly do not read as much as I used to back when I was in college double-majoring in British Literature and French!


Back in those college days, I had a real passion for literary criticism and modern literary theory. I know, I know– it sounds dry. But it was fascinating to me! It was also some very heavy, intellectual reading. As a result of all that intense theory and non-fiction, whenever I had a break, I’d do a total 180 and read light, fluffy fiction– “chick-lit”, if you will. (Though this chick could certainly keep up with the best of them when it came to the tricky stuff, too. ;) That “chick-lit” label is kinda offensive, isn’t it??)


Even now, I favor fiction over non-fiction. I’d rather immerse myself in someone’s happily-ever-after than analyze myself through a self-help book. I read, primarily, to relax… not to improve myself.


But BrenĂ© Brown’s Daring Greatly resonated with me in a way that made it hard to put down.


Brown– going against the grain of most modern society– proposes that real power lies in vulnerability, in authenticity, rather than in cultivating an impressive mask of strength.


I’m chewing this one over. I think I’ve too often viewed vulnerable authenticity as simply “telling the truth”. And while, yes, that’s part of it… it’s not the whole picture. We can live a life of being honest without ever really opening ourselves up to true vulnerability and, consequently, “experiences that bring purpose and meaning to our lives.”


We’ll be talking more about Daring Greatly over at the BlogHer Book Club page all this month!


Have you read this book? What does the title– Daring Greatly– make you think of?

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